Boardy McBoardface, previously Lanamics BS board, stormcore, 12s7p P42A, MBS, Apex

Well, I probably should’ve started this off earlier, but hindsight is indeed 20/20. Let’s start with the current parts list

  • MBS comp 95 pre built (I was lucky enough to find one locally for $90 used)
  • boardnamics MBS matrix 2 mounts
  • 6374 Ownboard Zeus pro motors
  • Laquaw stormcore 60D
  • 12s1p 12AH 12C turnigy lipo (2 6S in series)
  • F5 bindings
  • Seahorse (pelican knockoff) and husky enclosures for battery and vesc respectively
  • Metr pro telemetry
  • Was Spectrum DX4C transmitter and receiver, now Hoyt puck
where this board got it's name

I found a post on Reddit about a free Emtb build in my area, didn’t look to be working, didn’t look to be high quality, but it was a mountainboard and it was free.

This board just to so happened to be the same one that skate metric, a local eskate YouTuber had built as a tutorial long ago. All it needed was belts, XT connectors, and an antispark and I got it running… For a while.

Shortly after getting it running I ended up blowing up one of the APS 63100 motors I had on the board so I replaced those with a set of 6374 Ownboard motors courtesy of @Ac53n

Now with the new motors something was behaving differently in my vesc and after a few weeks of trying to figure it out to no avail, I ended up grabbing a couple new flipsky single vescs during BKB’s warehouse sale. I finally got those vescs connected up and got everything running again! Till I turned it off and somehow blew the antispark circuit while turning it off. (This seems fixable but it would require soldering on the PCB itself which is something I’m not confident enough to do)

So now another vesc, this time I didn’t want to blow it up and buy another one so I finally opted for a stormcore, when I finally got my stormcore (shipping was a pain) I plugged everything in and started the vesctool setup process, and then noticed I plugged in my receiver wrong and melted a bit of that (still seemingly works but I’m not plugging anything sub par into my 4th ESC for this board lmao) so I switched to an RC transmitter (I have a puck on the way) and receiver that I had laying around and actually plugged it in the right way this time and finally, my mountainboard works!

Tldr: LaCroix+boardnamics+MBS+all the BS I had to deal with to get it working

And of course, what we all came here to see, the pictures!



This is what I still have left to do in order of priority:

1.Keyways+clean up motor wiring, open to suggestions
2. 12S7P P42A battery+enclosure from @A13XR3 should be on the way shortly
3. Riptide bushing adapter for the matrix 2s so I can run them softer.

And that’s about everything, this is my first build thread so I’m open to any input on how to improve things.

Small update

got the metr entirely functioning (have yet to mount the antenna) as well as adding a Hoyt puck for control, I have a BKB voyager around that I need to do some soldering on but I might try that as well just because it’s laying around and I never got to trying it out.

Small update part 2 electric boogaloo

got some 8ga flexible silicon wire (high strand count pure copper) for the extension from battery to VESC, I’m in the process of soldering it up but I had to stop midway to pickup my girlfriend from work, I also drilled a hole for the metr antenna to be mounted.

Update 3

My @tomiboi wide hubs came in and holy shit, I haven’t even ridden on them at all but they look so good.

PXL_20221102_195520537.dng (12.4 MB)

update 4

Finally got a few things in the mail that have cleaned everything up quite a bit
1: metal baseplates, the plastic ones suck
2: Flipsky motors with proper sensors, still waiting on keyways.
3: This absolutely gorgeous enclosure made by @IDEA thanks to his fantastic machining work my build finally looks like a real board!
I also removed the bindings for the mean time to allow my girlfriend to ride it as I’m goofy and she’s regular.


Been doing more building than documenting recently but I’ve stepped up from before here’s what I’ve done since:

  1. New 12s7p p42a battery (with LLT BMS) and enclosure courtesy of @A13XR3
  2. Beautiful predator deck+free shock pads from the wonderful folks over at @ApexBoards
  3. Silicon sealant on all the threads and possible water ingress points of the battery enclosure and tested it by removing the battery and putting the case underwater for an hour with paper towels inside.
  4. Switched over to 10awg from 8awg. 8 won’t fit in the shock pads and isn’t really necessary for the current I’m using.
  5. Got a really nice variable 12a charger and soldered an LP20 to it.
  6. Vicious grip tape from a local skate shop (and a terrible job putting it on because I was impatient)
  7. PC cable management sleeves for phase wires.

And now, what everybody really came for, the pictures:

I don’t think my previous name fits this anymore, so I’ve been thinking of new names, any suggestions are welcome.


Names on the table currently:
Luna (feels a lil unoriginal but sounds nice)
Eclipse (kinda sounds cool)
Harcroft’s Sparrow (dramatic as hell but sounds cool)
Wednesday (kinda wanna name it after Wednesday Addams for it’s dark appearance)

Boardy McfuckinBoardface


Boardy McBoardface


I mean, until somebody gives me a better name I might just stick with that.


Finally got all the kinks worked out of Mr. McBoardface (he was quite a kinky individual) but learning about “slow ABS current limit start” got off to a rocky start, all is finally working in a way that if I die riding it’ll be my fault.

This is from a route I was testing which is 16mi (~25km) long 32mi (~50km) round trip, about 98% is entirely separated from car traffic, incorporates like 3 separate bridges, and ends with a charge spot, a few food/drink places and the holy grail, a Costco food court. Obviously there’s a whole Costco there but the food court is what’s important here. I’m excited to try and round up a few friends and try that route all the way through, I didn’t even finish it this time.


Looks like a fun one, show us sometime!

I like to ride.

sick build! any belt slippage at all on heavy braking?

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Thanks! It means a lot coming from a fine electric skateboard builder such as yourself.

Yes, a decent amount. I thought it was me having some weird inability to tension belts properly but unless I’m missing something I might just need idlers, on that note anybody know a decent source for 636 bearings?

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You need idlers. The issue is the diameter of the wheel pulley, to make a long story short. The belt comes off onto the motor pully at a high angle and therefore the motor pulley does not get the required tooth mesh with enough teeth, even with a properly tensioned belt. Ideally you want about half the motor pulley locked into the belt, or as close to half as you can manage with your setup. Since you’ll be adding idlers you’ll need longer belts.

so it’s either idlers, which you can make from bearings and bolts, or switch to gears, which would likely be a huge hassle and expense at this point.

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I’m pretty strongly against gears at least for this build because I’m prone to messing stuff up and the age old; break a belt, replace it, break a gear, walk home.

I’ve briefly considered the option of E-toxx’s chain drive for the M2 mostly because it’d make my DIY friend’s think I’m cool😎 but stuck to belts for the same reasons as above.

As far as I’m aware with BN precision XL mounts you can make idlers with a couple M6 screws, 636 bearings and washers.

Now to keep looking for reasonably priced 636 bearings

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That aged well…