Boardnamics M1 Gear Drive + Other News

what’s the size of the o-rings in the BNM1 anyone know? I only have one left and I don’t really feel like fishing it out of the grease pit just to measure it.

1.5mm diameter, ID can be anywhere between 41mm and 44mm.


Also what material can they be made out of? I’m searching for some replacement o-rings and I’m seeing silicone, nitrile, rubber and flourocarbon

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Is there any possibility of an “extended” BNM1 being made or released in the future? To enable compatibility with larger motors like 70xx and other thicc motors

whats the number of teeth on the gears for the 2.78 ratio?


Are these gear drives hard on bearings? The reason I ask is I was using Momentum wheels and I had one of them fail (not on the gear side). When I was swapping back to my TB110’s, I was surprised to find that one of the bearings on the gear side had failed and came apart when I took the wheel off. After the fact, I do remember thinking it was noisier than normal, but it was still working fine. I am just wondering if I need to be checking this often.

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I think as long as you’re using correct amount of spacers it shouldn’t be any worst than any other setup.