Boardnamics 270mm Hangers + Surfrodz 10-8 Fixed Axles

16100-2RS. Got some if ya need.


:flushed: yes


@Boardnamics what is the total end to end length on the 10-8s and the 10mm fixed axles?

I think I screwed up ordering the 10-8s that just shipped out. It doesn’t look like they’ll be long enough for dual 6380s on my TKPs.

I can’t push the hanger mounts any closer together because the motors are already super close. Unfortunately the 10-8s have 7mm less exposed axle than current setup. I don’t have 7mm of axle to lose and still use 15mm wide pulleys.

Looks like the solid 10mm axles have 66mm of exposed axle. Should I have bought those instead?

these are fucking beautiful… holy. Raw split angle baseplates and blue 270s. Bravo @Boardnamics


That’s the first not-black-or-raw BN hanger ive seen. It do be looking really really good. The hanger profile seems smaller near the pivot than mine, is it a new shape also or am I tripping?

Edit: I’m not tripping that is a new shape. >:( This is terrible now i need to buy NEW BN parts. Damn you Kevin, you made an excellent decision design and business wise.


this is the second run of this shape, but its newer yeah


I pulled mine out and made sure it wasn’t sexier than I remembered lmao

I have seen the 10-8 axles bend in the surfrodz after very little use.

I have the straight 10s in my sr tkps and over 1500kms no issues.

The ooooooold ones maybe.


hey! i got 10-8 stepped axles and i literall cant fit wheels with pulleys on them?? its too shor, i meassured around 45mm from hanger to tip… the axle ends right where the bearing from wheel ends, so i cant put nut on it

how can i fix it? or why i have shorter axle??? thanks

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You gotta use a 10mm bearing in the pulley, not a standard 8mm. I don’t remember the exact naming for the bearing but the inner ID is 10mm

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hahaha you would think this one would be good but no…

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