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Boardnamics 270mm Hangers + Surfrodz 10-8 Fixed Axles

The ultra-wide 270mm hanger length lets you to run up to dual 6396 motors with 15mm belts, with plenty of room to spare. The hanger shares a similar cross section profile to Caliber II, meaning all Caliber II mounts on the market fit this hanger. When bought with our mounts, we automatically include a precision clamp made specifically for our hanger.

A long hanger calls for strong axles. We went for 10mm to 8mm stepped axles which gives the best of both worlds; the strength of 10mm axle with the bearing compatibility of 8mm axles. Machined from heat treated 17-4 stainless steel and held to a tighter tolerance than shoulder bolts and traditional skate axles. The extended length alloys for easy installation of bearing pulleys without running out of axle.

Hanger Length: 270mm
Axle Length: 52mm, (5/16"-24 Thread 10mm length)
Weight: 381g per hanger w/ axles installed

What’s Included:
Aluminum Pieces:
x2 Hanger
x4 Fixed Axle
x4 Lock nuts
Available at the competitive price of $130 free US shipping HERE :slightly_smiling_face:

Also fixed axles for surfrodz, finally!

Available for $40 for 4 axles HERE


Stop doing such clean stuff, I have trouble seeing if it’s just a render or the real thing !
Looks very good, wish it was in Europe !


Shaped hanger looks great. Chur


@Anubis in the UK has a limited supply of these he will be selling :slightly_smiling_face:


How would the axles work with the many SR RKP pressfit mounts available? Or would it just not work at all?

@Boardnamics any updates on the adjustable Baseplates :eyes::eyes: feel free to move this post elsewhere if needed.

At some point, isn’t it less stable the wider you go? I’m no expert, just casually asking.

I like my 218s. Looks beautiful

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Only if you wobble :joy:


I’m not so sure that being wider is inherently more or less stable. Surely, the width of hanger will impact turn radius. Taking that into consideration. It may be more difficult to recover from a wobble on a less responsive truck.


:point_up: :point_up: this!

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@Boardnamics, just to check, this isn’t a limited run right?


I think it is limited… unless that’s just in the U.K.?

And in the US you can prob get from his site?

Can I have my surfrodz back?


What’s the length of 10mm and length of 8mm exposed?

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Not sure how this would change press-fit mounting. They rely on axial force to keep the retainer locked in. These can provide that the same way shoulder bolts can so from what I can tell, they work the same way.

Edit: I see what you mean. These will still work, but take some playing around with the spacers.


The 8mm axle exposed is 34mm in length.

In the 270s, the 10mm length is 18mm
In surfrodz, the 10mm length is 24mm


Shouldnt make a difference


Esk8 vendor support, hell yeh

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Do you have a mount that would work with these?