Bioboards Helical steel geardrive All In One system

We are finally releasing our geardrive system used on Plutonium 2 and 2S for almost 2 years without any issues. Thanks to @moon for a lot of support doing this. Its also the latest version of his popular Moon Eros design we use to make our Rims.
Just the geardrives starts at just 270USD.

We have designed it so this should be a system that supports almost all streetwheels (as long as they are not to small) with both Abec and Kegel adapters. Wide range of Rims supported. So hopefully this will be the only gear system you need even if you rebuild or change board in future.
Rims supported: Moon Eros, Bioboards rims, Rockstar, Fivestar, Superstar, Phatlads and probebly more rims that use same hole pattern (but probably you need a different length on spacer for them)

Big range of gearing ratio: 1:2.2 , 1:2.6 , 1:3 , 1:3.5, 1:4

Designed together for both our Channel and RKP truck that both comes with a integrated motor plate mounting, so no need for a hanger adapter. But we wanted to support the popular Matrix 3 truck so Matrix 3 adapter is also possible. We are still working on the channel truck design so I recommend to wait to order if you want the Bioboards channel truck.

We recommend to order our hangers and baseplates with the great bushings made by @RipTideSports

And I believe we manage to make it to sell it for a competitive price.

Gearing ratio 1:2.2 - 1:3.5 shares the same wheel gear, just different motor pinions and are made in 4140 QPQ coated and chemical blackened steel in mod 1.5. 1:4 has a different wheel gear and its a mod 1 gear.

Made for motors with 10mm shaft and max shaft length 27mm and 44mm hole pattern. Hanger shaft is a 10mm steel shaft and comes in 2 length depending on the rims you will use and bearings for it is included with the kit.

A perfect motor for this kit is our version of the reacher 6495 motor: 6495 5400W Motor – Bioboards Eskate

RKP truck is also available both with our standard 43 and 49 baseplate but also our new 43/49 baseplates with integrated tunnel riser:

Assembly instructions can be downloaded here

We will also send 2 review kits to @Takachi14 and @hoytkid very soon so you can read their experience (just waiting on longer hanger shaft to arrive that supports their choise of rims) But it has already proven how well it works from 2 years of hard abuse from Plutonium riders without problems.

Shipping will start by the end of next week, but please check the shipping info in product description for some parts.

We are also happy to give you the best warranty on the market: 3 years, 5 years for the pinions included!


Sucks that you don’t have anything over 4:1…

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Can you define what is considered too small? It would be good to know since wheel preference can vary so much. It Would also be good to know what size thane wheel could work on them

110 fine, 105mm will work but will be close. 100 or less no. I will share som pictures on Sunday. This was the best I could find atm with 110

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Just looking at those drivetrains makes me feel poor


Some price examples:
Geardrive for a 2wd board with matrix 3 trucks: 310USD

Geardrive with Bioboards rkp hangers and AT adapters 2wd : 490 USD, 730USD with our rims

Same but 4WD kit 690 USD, 930 USD with our rims.

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Looks super clean, excited to see Jeff’s review.

How are the side loads from the helical gears dealt with in this design?


Spacer/washer stack, green loctite (don’t @ me), circlip if the motor has the proper groove.

At least based on the assembly instructions


If you want to see more pictures of them assembled choose Plutonium 2S and/or Plutonium 2 here:

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For street riding 1:4 is fine. It’s actually insane on small wheels like TB110 or the upcoming Radium wheels :exploding_head:


I should have said - sucks for 8" wheels :slight_smile:


For 8 tyres i think 1:3.5 is perfect for 2wd and 1:3 for 4wd using 145kv motors.

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Lol and I thought my 5.0 ratio on 8 inch tires was lacking - clearly have just gotten used to the power

No hate tho this looks pretty sweet, far too expensive for me to be actually interested in a set tho. Best of luck!


Gonna comment this here as well as my post on the facebook post for visibility and to see if this sentiment is shared but

Anyone else hoping for a mounting option to run these on Caliber 2 hanger geometry (ex Boardnamics 270’s, etc)? Also, 8mm shaft support would be nice if possible.


Yeah, my first question was “do these fit Caliber baseplates?” :slight_smile:

Mostly because I want to play with some of the variable-angle baseplates that are out there.

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I’m not particularly fussed with their baseplate compatability, i’m more hoping these geardrives can be used with BN270/BN220 hangers. A slightly narrower setup with this kind of gearing reduction would be awesome lol.


Yes the rkp hanger fit caliber baseplates.

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What price would make you interested? It’s cheaper then jump drive, 3ds, Lacroix, trampa etc


Mmm well let’s see

Trampa, 3ds, and Apex are mostly off the table cuz I don’t wanna pay 50+ for shipping, also, 3ds and trampa :neutral_face:

Apex jumps have a more mtb suitable ratio, but if I was looking for street drives these would be more fitting. It seems they are $450 right now before shipping

Lacroix is not diy compatible

Newbee and Boardnamics are the two sets of gear drives I personally run right now :man_shrugging:

Edit: I didn’t realize the default selection includes rkp hangers. That makes the price a lot more reasonable lol


Here is some pricing examples