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Bioboards 65100 motor - finally time for a very powerful and durable motor

Do you want a powerful and high quality motor made for esk8?
Now you finally could!

Bioboards 65100 motor available in 138KV and 205KV:

Fully battlehardened:

Open design for low temps but a mesh design that protect them from dirt and stones. The mesh is easy to remove to clean or replace:

MR60 and waterproof sensor connector, the vesc side of connector with jst to vesc is included!

The can is 2,5mm thick so no more deformed motor can from gravel hit it! Thats why its 65 size and not 63, its still 63 hole pattern.

65100 vs 6374:

High quality press fitted bearings!

Curved magnets for high efficiency, this is with 9" AT tyres and belt drive:
Avg speed 38 km/h and only 25 wh/km with 100 motor A on dual drive.

First impression from a AT rider that normally ride 8085 motor “wow they feel alot stronger and better and runs with lower temp”


  • Motor size: 65 × 102 mm
  • Max current: 140A (recommended max 120A)
  • Motor W: 5200W
  • Volt: 4–20S
  • Weight: 1,2kg
  • Axle: 10 mm - 26mm lenght
  • Sensor connection: Water resistent with spring lock and included female to Jst-ph 6pin (no vesc adapter needed)
  • Motor KV: 138KV or 205KV
  • Protection: Open design for low tempatures and high performance but mesh protection for better resistance stones, dust and dirt
  • Sensor: Yes
  • Appearance: Black with Bioboard’s logo
  • Fully battle hardened - The only esk8 motor for sale that have it
  • 2,5mm thick can to resist gravel flying on it without deform
  • 3 NKS bearings press fitted
  • Shaft with excellent retention via a small rounded key
  • Black protective cable sleeve (not on pictures but included and installed for customer orders)

Please note this a preorder. The exact delivery time could take longer then expected do not order if you can´t wait, order if you want to be in first batch, limited amount for first batch!

Why are they so expensive compared to other motors? Actually they are to cheap, price will go up later, with import tax, design cost, shipping etc they are at this price almost no profit for us. They are for sure worth it!


What’s the warranty on these?


Sweet Jesus those are meaty motors :drooling_face:


would you be open to a pre-order group buy for the forum?

they look awesome


i swear the next type of motor will be sensored submergeable motors :eyes:


Holy crap haha

Those are some major beefcakes. What’s the diameter of that sensor connector? Looks quite large



Is there a support bearing for the can? (Like on maytech 6880 and 6396) Just wondering if those 2 grub screws are the only thing holding it…

Also, Isn’t MR60 a bit too small of a connector for people running these at above 100A ?


Yeah, how would these hold up to helical drives

This is only for the forum, they are not visibel on the site yet without this url.
If you want to make a group buy you could just gather orders and make them in one buy from the site to save som shipping cost.


MT60 works fine, i dont think anyone on a esk8 run that high A continues. But its easy to solder your own if you prefer bigger.


6 month if used under normal conditions





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any idea what the price will be post-pre order? trying to gauge when to buy


Son of a bitch…

More parts I didn’t need this morning… But now I need!!!

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This is the make it or break it question for me personally.

@mackann are the wires from the motor silicone or copper. in your older ones (6396) it was copper with enamel coating which was the biggest pain to solder to as you had to remove the enamel first


Cos you think it’s necessary or cos they’re so troublesome?


Great to have a fully battle-hardened option out there. Nice one!

Interesting that these are coming in lighter than the MT6396’s despite the battle-hardening and the thicker can. What’s the secret?

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