Bigger than Boosted build log (42” vanguard, 18s4p, m1 drives)

I’ve got all the parts so now it’s time to build.
Today I’m putting in the inserts and hopefully swapping the motors on my m1 drives.

Vanguard 42” flex 2
Eboosted enclosure.
BN 220mm with adjustable base plates.
M1 drives
flipsky 6374 140kv
Stormcore 100dx
18s4p p42a battery built by @JoeyZ5!


I was thinking of adding some drop down brackets to lower the ride height :wink:


Oh yes, following! Looks like it will be a sweet build

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Lesss gooo, looking forward to seeing it!

Backwards rivet nut inserts, pulled fit and set with epoxy.
I was going to use softwood copper inserts with epoxy but I ended up preferring this look.


me too :smile:

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what wheels? this is looking like a grand build.

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Sweet dude.
What wheels?

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what wheels?

All of them. Initially mad wheels, then I’ll probably try my treated and untreated abec 107s, and once they are shipped my guess is hollow wheels comfort v2.


I call shenanigans. How do you plan to run Hoyt 125mm? What about other pneumies? You plan to run Kegel and abec cores? What is this sorcery you speak of?

Clearly, he means the 4997T97 wheels.



I have both kegel and abec adapters so i plan to run all the thane - gummies.


Enclosures on, had to redo two inserts that didn’t align perfectly.
Old motors off.


Most excellent!!!


So the build is on hold until Tuesday.

My plan was to use BN220s with m1 gear drives, and 6370s. Turns out 6370s only fit on a BN220 when reverse mounted. It also turned out that reverse mounting is impossible with the vanguard enclosure. Unless you run at the highest angle BN adjustable baseplates support, or use many risers.

The solution: I acquired a single BN270 which will be here Tuesday.

Today I pulled the bearings from my Kegel adapters, so i can replace them with 10mm ID bearings.


BN m1 drives are incompatible with the vanguard 42” eboosted enclosure if you use 6374 or larger motors.

I have tried both 220mm and 270mm BN hangers, both only allow reverse mount of motors. Reverse mounting is incompatible with both front and back of the enclosure. The 270s might allow a standard mounting if you use the straight cut gears which i beloved are larger, but I don’t know. With the helicals the can hits the hanger before the teeth engage.

It might be possible to make the 270s work in a standard mount if you grind away the ridge on the hanger.

It’s possible to reverse mount with both hangers at the highest angle BN adjustable bases plates go. Needless to say I don’t consider setting my rear base plate to an absurdly dangerous angle a solution.

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Adapting BN m1 8mm to 10mm.


Welcome to the same shit I’ve been dealing with. I opted for BN XL motor mounts reverse mounted.


I did this on the dremelseed and a previous board. Long motor mounts with outboard position solves everything. Sucks for gear drives though.

I belive @zero_ads has the same deck + enclosure +BN-m1 and is running savage trucks with 6355 mouted inward

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