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Build completed on 17 July 2020

Video on how it was built from start to finish

On July 2020, any non certified personal mobility vehicle will be illegal to ride in my country. If caught riding one, it’ll get confiscated and possibly fined. Worst, jailed.

Sooooo here’s my getaway. An esk8, that looks like a normal longboard, both the top and bottom.

With this, i had to go with an integrated deck to hide all the electronics. I did consider a few that are made by forum users, but finally decided to make my own, to fit my riding style, size, and cavity. Here goes.

I glued 3 pieces of 15mm Baltic Birch ply with Titebond III glue, considered the best wood glue for woodworking, giving me a 45mm thick blank. The pieces measure 75cm and 26cm. Approx 29" long. This deck will be for commute so i avoided making it too long since i’m not a tall person.

On goes the Titebond III

And a bunch of clamps to hold it down. I did grab a few more wide clamps to clamp the middle, getting as best even pressure as i can.

Then, it’s to marking the middles, and drawing my cavity out to hog out material.

The cavity measures 460mm x 150mm, going for 30mm depth.

I also did a 10mm outline, and i will cut that 3mm deep, for a 3mm thick lid. As for it’s material, i’ve yet to decide. Options would be a nice durable plastic, or a 3mm thick fiberglass plate, or Carbon Fiber.

Sigh… I have no CNC experience, i only know how to work with my hands. So this was my method of cutting the cavity.

Grabbed a nice sharp Forstner drill bit, and drilled it over and over and over

Two hours later… I started toclean uop the edges by taking a 3mm pass at a time with a Plunge Router.

After taking a pass on the bottom layer, looking better.

And almost reaching the final depth of 30mm.

Used an edge guide to clean up the edges to get a clean straight line.

And all in a days work, the cavity is done. What’s next, is i’ll cut out a concave, since the top is flat. This is the reason why i cut the cavity to 30mm. The middle will be about 8mm lower, giving me a 22mm cavity for 18650 cells. I have a battery pack to test the depth, and i’ll remove more if needed.

More to come soon.


Sorry about the law change… that really sucks :frowning: glad you’re taking matters into your own hands :slight_smile: stoked to see the result


Following for sure! I am so making a short integrated deck. Super interested to see your approach.


My condolences. If eboards will ever be allowed over here it will be similar to your law, that’s mostly why I’m also going the integrated deck route :grin:
Clean work so far :+1:


The goal is when the authorities see me, they wont even bat an eye.

Depth is currently at 33mm. Test fitting a 7s2p pack. A 10s3p will be a bit more than double the length, with room to spare.

Then, I cut the middle depth by about 10mm, to achieve my concave.

I cut the sides first before the concave starts on the table saw, and then routed the material in the middle section off.

I’ll then start shaping the concave curve.

Ugh I’m tired, more coming tomorrow.


Dude this is amazing!

I love the use of regular wood working tools to make it happen!! That’s similar to what I’m doing but I’m using my tools to build better tools!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


All in a days work. I hope to be able to cut out the flange and concave tomorrow, and then slowly and carefully work on the belly. I fear I might cut too close to the edge of the deepest part of my cavity.


That was my worry, but if you take your time I’m sure you got the skill to keep it steady!!

Damn I need some shop time.


@Linny This is a nice idea but as much I don’t like cops, I have to admit they are not that stupid and I’m sure they will see you are riding a “too thick deck” to be honest. A normal push deck (skateboard or longboard) is not that thick and they know it !

When the laws will arrive (same here for us in France in a few months), pigs will get informations/trainings about our hobby and what to check on the boards to get/steal the rider’s money :wink: For sure, stupid free floating scooters users will be a prefered target because they are everywhere and ride as stupid as they can but when the cops won’t have anything smarter to do (most of their time thus), we will be the target…

But it is just my vision about all this, keep going with your build as I hope to be proven wrong. Time will tell

Yes that’s very true, itll be hard to pull off this plank of a deck as a normal longboard deck.

IF I do get stopped and they get suspicious, I’ll explain that I’m a wood worker and this is spare material that I had lying around and made a thick deck out of it. But eh who am I kidding. I guess the main aspect to not get stopped is to ride safe and considerate. Currently my country’s traffic authorities are targeting errant scooter and ebike riders. I’ll send a video later showing how they ride. It’s insane.

Riding on the road is illegal here, and speed limits are set to 25km/h on wider shared pavements, and thinner pavements are 10km/h. I ride slow so as long as I ride slow, they should hopefully not bat an eye. Currently the cops are nice and have never stopped anyone on an esk8 yet, only the scooter peeps.

Lol sorry for the lengthy reply, these restrictions and future bans got me fired up, I could use a blunt


This is why it’s getting heavily controlled/banned lol

Watch this, this is on the roads of Singapore. And although this is somewhat ok in other countries, it’s heavily frowned upon here. Main concerns are the collisions and them catching on fire…?


What other components are you using for this build? I’m assuming some hub motors…hummies it something with a small diameter?

Yep, made by the one and only @hummieee.

It’s a 83mm hub motor drive, with a large contact patch.


What electronics are you stuffing in it? I’m assuming a small and low profile remote like a modded mini, and something that runs FOC smoothly…so a FOCBox or 6.x derivative?

I have a Focbox unity so i plan to use that. I could get away with using the MakerX dual ESC actually… but since i have plenty of space, i’ll use the unity. It’s gonna be a 10s3p 30Q pack paired with it.

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These bans strike fear into my heart. And Singapore is super strict, right?

Wondering if cutting up the plywood before glue-up would have saved some work…

Any plans for a stealthy remote? And I guess the other challenge is to hide the wires.

Things like Inboard M1 show these can be stealthy.

Looking forward to the results!

Nice! I’m taking inspiration from all existing integrated decks. Inboard and the Haya have very nice features and shape profiles. I’m thinking if there’s a way to make the Avio remote even smaller, or making a thumb remote version since it can be a smaller shape. Oh Jeeeeeeeff @avX, how about a XS mini remote mod? :stuck_out_tongue:

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How much smaller do you want it omg. Maybe use your phone to control the board, that’ll be really stealth.

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Actually, this is a common misconception. The laws are really strict, yes, but they are rarely enforced to the fullest extent. I.e. you dont go to jail for bringing in a pack of chewing gum, they just confiscate them.