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In a perfect world, a ring sized remote. Jaykay has it figured out. They charge 149 Euros.

If there’s a remote even remotely close to be able to be somewhat hidden when the hand is clenched, is ideal.

Or if someone makes one of these and is compatible on VESC, i’d pay 150 euros.


Oh hah that last one was awesome! Scooter on scooter crime!!

That shit is happening in DC too man. We almost had to run over some scooter bois during our group ride out here!

I was thinking about CADing up some clip on wire retainers for hummies, to make it all sleek. Like the original raptor2 motors.

The semicircular area is a clip-on plastic cover.

sidenote ouch the thane…

I’m probably too lazy to do it though.

Actually at a casual glance the Enertion hubs are quite stealthy compared to the rest. No mechanical stuff on the outer face to give it away.

TBH I find the avio mod a bit thiccc especially with gloves. Not hating! :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty clean way to hide the wires! However the Hummie hangar is very Caliber shaped. Wonder how to go about hiding that.

Haha… been awhile since i revisited that mod. I might be able to make it smaller/thinner.

@Linny ok with a smaller battery? Hahaha.

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I realize now mentally I’ve been preparing for this eventuality lol.

Anything that makes me look like i’m not holding anything :wink:

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What if it’s a sex toy with a eskate remote hidden in it?

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Nice work! Just curious, how can you make your PEV certified in Singapore? license plate? insurance?

Then i’ll get arrested not for riding a non compliant board, but for public indecency

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I don’t know what it is, but that Jaykay remote thing has amazing form factor.

I guess this horrifically expensive thing

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It needs to be under this fire safety certification standard called UL-2272. In this case, you send in your board/device to be under certain tests. Water, drop, vibration, impact tests etc.

Now the catch is, it costs roughly $30,000 to certify a model, and you need to design your device to it’s standards, not the other way round. So only corporations can afford to certify their models. Any average joe like me who designed/made their own board can’t certify it, well unless i have 30k to fork out. Such is life…


Also, currently in Singapore, scooters and ebikes need to be registered and have their speed limits capped to 25km. But of course a good chunk will ride their illegal 1000v scooters that go 9000km/h when the sky gets dark.

Funnily enough, only devices that have a motor and a handle need to be registered.

So EUCs, Hoverboards, esk8s, and onewheels don’t have to be registered since i guess it’s deemed ‘you got no handle so you can’t go fast’

But the big banhammer will come July 2020, when that UL-2272 requirement kicks in


The remote you linked looks pretty promising, i might give it a try #forscience

@Linny sorry for these laws, but the result will be amazing

For the remote, the smallest one I can think of is a Nunchuck modded with a Arduino and NRF24 radio, I’ve used one, and it you paint it black it will disappear in our hand

Another way you could do is cut a normal deck, and use foam to mold a bottom curvature to look like the Inboard, and then use glass or carbon fiber to cover it

And about the hubs, have you tried to find some Mellow hubs? They are the stealthiest ones I’ve seen so far

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Just be careful, the whole surface appears to be covered with buttons.

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Ok y’know what, upon closer look, it looks like some sorta sex toy. I’m conflicted now.

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Yellow and blue ones ? :thinking:

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I’ll put the Nunchuck on the list!

True, Mellow hubs do look as close as normal longboard wheels get. However i’ve already backed the set for the hummies and payment has been made so i’ll use it eventually. Have people used Mellow hubs only on a VESC and external battery?

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R2 hubs pretty stealthy IMO!

If you drive slow they might even be durable.