BGM Direct Drive Extruder and Mosquito All Metal Hotend Assembly for 3D printing

I will be updating this thread with the assembly progress of a Trianglelab’s clone BGM extruder and Trianglelab’s clone Mosquito hotend along with @Agniusm’s cable management solution. I plan to use this on an ender3 but no reason it can’t be modified to work with existing setup. I have made a similar thread before but that using BMG+E3DV6 and can be found here.

What’s so special about this setup

  1. All metal hotend, plated copper heatblock and nozzle so can go up to 450C. Will let you print engineering grade materials with ease.
  2. The mosquito style hotend makes sure that the heatblock stays in place when changing nozzle, thereby adding convenience and avoiding twisting of heater cartridge and Thermocouple wires.
  3. Shortest filament path with my bracket which helps with flexible material and reduces oozing.
  4. Wire management and swapping out components is going to be very easy with Agnius’s setup.

    image by @Agniusm


@Agniusm, what crimp( you have brown, red, gree, blue) do you recommend for the wires before putting them into the quick disconnect coupling ( is there a better name?)

EDIT: I found it. You mentioned ferrules. I am guessing the advantage of using ferrules is that it lets you remove parts more frequently without worrying about wires getting chewed up by the quick disconnect connector?²/dp/B07K17VDF2

Since you also bought the same components, @Jujo, please do share what setup you are using or coming up with and the progress.


Thanks to @Venom121212 for the link to this bracket

Just gotta transfer over the sensor and the fan. You’ll need to buy longer screws and some other hardware to make it work so mcmaster is your friend


So turns out I printed out that bracket too and have a spare E3DV6 setup. I am not sure about the fan situation, but otherwise it looks good.


And that’s about where I’m at lol. I haven’t had the time to install

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Following this thread. Almost finished the huge print thread, started like 3 days ago! Y’all helped me so much. Have a prusa and can confirm dd is the absolute best. But might need to add some ender love to the lineup…


So is it as simple as it seems like it’s going to be for installing? It looks like plug and play

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@mishrasubhransu @Venom121212

So weird but my CR-10s pro fan does not fit for this fan duct thing. :joy: I think I’m just gonna tape it up for now to prevent air leakage. All I gotta do now is attach the connector to the stepper motor and I should be all set to install the extruder…

Also for this filament sense thing, did you guys bypass this for direct drive or did you install it somewhere else?

Hmm weird my 5015 fan has a flare on the end of it that slips right in to the shroud.

I’m gonna pick these up from Jeff bezos, none of the fans on amazon had that lil you’re referring to but it has a much more similar shape to yours than my stock fan does so hopefully it fits :sweat_smile:

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That’s how I’ve seen all of them until yours so that’s a good sign.


That’s exactly what my gf said


chix love a big bell-end!

this is true. and my favorite bit.

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@mishrasubhransu @Venom121212 Finally put it all together. However I’m having serious issues with bed leveling. It doesn’t seem to be consistent AT ALL. The inductive sensor isn’t vertically straight and it’s giving me a lot of problems. I think I’m going to add a shim or a collar to attempt to make it straight up and down. and I also think the bracket shifted essentially everything over to the left about 5 mm or so and maybe that’s another reason why it’s having a lot of issues leveling the left side. It’s not directly on top of the print bed.

I wish I can say I’ll just upgrade to the BLtouch, but it’s not guaranteed it’ll solve the issue aaaaaand I’d need to print a bracket for that which I can’t :frowning:

That’s why you always have at least 2 printers, 2 boards and 2 receivers (oh no, what did I do?)


So I’m assuming

  1. sensor isn’t properly straight
  2. not 100% directly over the print bed
    are the issues?

Can you disable the probe in the settings?