Best water "proofing" techniques?

Hey guys,

I was wondering how I can make my board the most water-resistant. I found some things but I am wondering what else I could do:

I found this shrinkwrap rubber wire tubing and I was thinking of putting this around the motor wires. I guess it’ll make it more resistant, I don’t know. I also found these rubber grommet rings. I think they can resist the water trying to do into the ESC. I also have the enclosure gasket.


@b264 this is your territory


If you’re working on a Vanguard, potting is the only foolproof way to ensure no water ingress. It’s just too flexy and bendy, and the enclosures meant for it don’t bend like the board which creates plenty of space for water ingress

Usually neoprene foam, a U shaped gasket, and gasket sealant does the trick for most rectangular enclosures


Silicone sealant, PVC bulkhead fittings or whatever they’re called, foam/silicone/rubber gasket, those grommets work in junction with other things, sugru. Keep in mind you also have to modify your remote as well and that’s trickier IMHO because of all those buttons and throttles…

And if possible, avoid water. Generally not as safe riding in the rain due to less traction on the wheels or tires. Have I done it? Fuck yea. Do I recommend it? Fuck no, who likes riding wet? The only acceptable time to be wet riding is when a bigger better faster board zooms past you like a boss and you nut allll over yourself

Edit: sorry meant to reply to op. OH and conformal coating. I drink that shit day and night. For specific hard to reach areas, I recommend that car window sealant thing because it’s less viscous and it likes to get into small crevices like jeffrey epstein


why the remote

(also i like the rest of your post lmao)

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Oh sorry, I was under the assumption it was raining. I’m in the bay area, ca so rain is like an urban myth. If it’s raining, I’m assuming your remote will be out too but if you’re talking like huge fun puddles, then idk. I don’t trust puddles because you don’t know how deep they can go. Stepped in one one time a fucking Jeff Wu whacked my foot with a slipper


But most important 2 things:

  1. Always assume you’re not fully sealed.

Something can go wrong at any point and just because you’re confident in your technique doesn’t mean you can easily rule out that water didn’t get inside your system.

  1. Be absolutely certain you have everything completed and tested before you seal things up.

Especially with silicone. It’s a hassle to deal with. Don’t be that guy that has to re-apply everything because you forgot to pair up your metr pro and now you need the fucking pin. So you have to remove all the enclosure bolts, scrape out all the silicone and do it all fucking over again


Your best approach is a multi-faceted approach.

First, try to keep water out. Many of the things already mentioned can help. Keep it out for as long as possible. But eventually water WILL get inside, especially on a Vanguard deck.

So the next approach is to cover all your electronics and wiring (including motor sensor assemblies if you have the sensor cable plugged into the ESC, but not including motor phase wires) with acrylic like MG Chemicals 419D for example.

Then fill the whole inside of your enclosure with neutral-cure silicone like GE Silicone 2*

Make sure that you could in theory dump a glass of brine inside the enclosure and it would theoretically still work. (but don’t actually do that)


Is this a spray? What does it do?

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Haha yeah. Thanks

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No, it’s this stuff

similar to this

It simply displaces water and air and denies entry to contaminants


Ohhhhhh ok, how much weight does it add? Probably not alot

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Jesus… is a good gasket and pg glands for phase wires not enough?


It’s not enough


only sure way to “water-proof” is to keep it far away from anything wet or can produce wetness…


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