Best pneumatic tires?

Metro board has some, i ordered their 8 inch tire set with hubs, great deal and quality.

Sorry meant 6x2 clever tires that fit bergs and sixshooters

thinking about getting a set of those metro 8s to replace my wobbly kendas – you recommend them? steady?

Im only using 2 tires from metroboard in the front, and mbs t1 tires in the back… I like the tires though they are clevers. Been about a month no signs of wear then again the front tires are the last to go.

The hubs are good to. Basically trampa superstars without the shipping and VAT. The kit came fast enough to.

Not much balancing to be done and honestly the superstars i have are worse than the metro board hubs

Edit: get the tubes as well… appears to be 9$ for 4 tubes!

any notable wobble? my kendas from BN are wobbly as hell

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minimal if any in my opinion… but wobble can come from the rim as well and not just the tire. Id say its good price for the quality. Ive had a few other brands of tires and so far these have been the best. I tried


Not the biggest list but clever and mbs are top for me.

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thanks for the info man – I have BN GT3 hubs, so I doubt they’re the source of the wobble…

Im so low teir idk what that even is. I forgot to mention ive used razor electric scooter tires from amazon without issue as well. But its prolly luck of the draw

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boardnamics GT3 hubs haha, they’re CNC machined, supposed to run super true… although the valve stems may be causing some wobble for me

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I put some slime in my tires and it actually helped balance out my kendas. It’s a quick fix if it actually works for you.

Might try it first since it’s cheap and you don’t have to change out tires.


This was most likely not from the slime, but from the deflation and inflation re-seating the tubes and straightening the rubber. I do this a lot at work to make cheap escooter tires run straight.


TIL, I just assumed it was the slime, well that’s even a cheaper fix!!! Good to know


going to go ahead and deflate them and double check the tubes aren’t twisted… the tubes arrived already inside the tires so I didn’t bother examining them too intensely

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This is also a common cause of tires becoming randomly deflated mid-ride even if they aren’t punctured. The rubber straightens and let’s out slack releasing pressure.

1 Like : SummerHouse 2 Grams Per Inch High Density Golf Lead Tape 1/2’’ x 100’’ and 1/2’’ x 60’’ Available 0.025 Inch Thickness for Tennis and Fishing (1/2 * 50’’ Black) : Sports & Outdoors

I used this lead tape and it was super easy to balance my shitty ass wobbly TB AT wheels. Then when I stuck on the wheel pulleys it pushed them off, but that won’t be a problem for you with BN GT3s.

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I have some lead adhesive weights I use for balancing. Same difference I suppose. Although even after balancing, there is a noticeable wobble and what looks like a minor bulge on 2 of my tires…

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Ah that’s a bummer man

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