Best E-Skate Wheels on the market (Currently)

Hi guys, I am fairly new to this forum and the world of E-Skate so I figured I would go through these forums to find the best parts currently available on the market to build a board with. I have limited experience with E-boards in general so bear with me a bit. I have already gone through these forums and found that there was a similar post to this but it was from almost 2 years ago. That being said I am wondering what the best e-skate street wheels are currently. The last thread had a pretty clear winner out of the tb110’s, but they are becoming harder and harder to get and I’m not a crazy fan of the arctic blue color that are still available. That said, what are your opinions on the current best wheels on the market and where can I get them?


Not much competition around. Tb110’s, abec97, then there’s those rubber wheels with holes that consume halfway between urethane and pneumatics.
Everyone seems to slowly drift toward small pneumatics (and then bigger ones) because of the advantages and the battery capacities available now to compensate the range halved


@Athrx I have never heard of abec97 before. Do you mind sending me a link to them? Also when your referring to pneumatics your saying people like them but prefer the larger ones because of their additional range? Could you also link me to a decent set of them? Looking to try a bit of everything to see what I like and prefer to ride on.



Bigger wheels= less range

Pneumatics are usually more comfortable to ride than Thanes and you can go offroad with the right tires :wink:

Trampa has a relatevely good hubs/tires/wheels for pneumatics and they also have thane that fits their hubs ( * I might get criticized for saying that lmao*)

I also think there is a topic for urethanes/ pneumatics

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Here’s a good chunk of information to read first…


If you want urethane :call_me_hand:


Thanks for the specs, to answer a few things previously mentioned. I have read a bit on wheels and preferences. I am mainly asking if I could would get 1 complete set of each type of wheel (urethane, pneumatic etc…) I am asking what your opinion for each wheel would be?

Also I forget how to use the edit function so if someone could leave that in their reply that would be much appreciated!


The delamination issues on the latest 110s have me put off buying them; I would not recommend them. 100mm ones are probably fine though


Do you have a Deck?
Do you have a battery
Do you have a enclosure for your deck?
Do you have a ESC the brain to run your battery and motors
Do you have a remote
What trucks are you using this is key to what wheels can fit
Do you have motor mounts or Gear Drives for your motors
Do you have motors
Do you have wheel pulleys
There are so many other things that you need to have before you get the wheels :call_me_hand:
If you have all this stuff then we can talk about wheels


Hi, sorry I didn’t make that clarification. I said I was pretty new to the community, both in building them and to this forum. I was running MBS all-terrain wheels and was hitting around mid 30s mph on average speed wise which i was happy with. I took a pretty bad spill and heard (afterwards conveniently) that they aren’t great for grip. That is why I wanted to make this forum. I have heard a few things about evolve GTR wheels if anyone would care to comment on those.

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Was about to write similar. I loved the TB110s until 3 of 4 delaminated. I’d buy them again if they changed the core design to stop it from happening.


Even better, 107’s

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Urethane wheels are actually a major downgrade in grip from rubber, especially in wet conditions.
I recommend a softer compound of rubber wheels with thread for street, or simply ones with larger contact patch.
My 9 inch wheels have good grip on anything and i can hear them way before if they start to lose it on the edges


Ill have to pick some up! I love the look urethane wheels give a board on the street, so I will probably investigate those ABEC’s you linked but I will also look into getting some larger bearings and putting some rubber wheels on it for wet conditions.

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Sorry, but that is just bs. Planning every component of a build is absolutely necessary, but that is not the question being asked.

The first question when making a build could easily be what kind of wheel (and the comfort /range that is implied) to use.


Can you show us pictures of your setup
Thanks :call_me_hand:

Yes but not your first build but it’s your money so IDK

We did

Read some threads or buy all the wheels and try them yourself

What is the question?? what does he want idk I just put links up

For your first build :man_shrugging:


Bigger wheels is not less range, lower ratios is less range, softer tires is less range, less or more thread is different range. Tire contact on the road is less range. Bigger tires do more ofen than not have more contact on the road so in a certain sense you are correct.


You are being very helpful… Keep the emojis coming

It’s pretty self explanatory, what you don’t get? I’ve seen posts before about whether to go urban carver, mtb or regular longboard. That it’s not different from asking whether to go pneumatics or thane. I don’t really get why can’t you define what kind of wheels you want first. There are other components that should have a logic order like deck > enclosure > battery and esc…

Anyway, as I said you are not being helpful at all for OP, and I guess that I’m not either with this kind of posts. I just wished you were a little more helpful and a little less smugish, but you do you.

Over and out.


As Nacho said I haven’t been helpful at all to @KonnerFallos1, so here goes my 2 cents.

I ride periodically on black tb110, they ride pretty smooth, but that’s a function of its size, since they are not that soft. As you mentioned Tb110 arctic blue are softer and ride really nice (also I love the color), but will reduce your range.

Other people really like cloud wheels as they are big, soft and have somewhat of AT capabilities, but there are some detractors that say that the grip is not so good, specially when they are not broken in. Maybe some forum members that ride them can tell their experience.

ABEC wheels are also good, I have 97mm in my direct drives and they run smoothly for the size, but there has been lots of reports of them chunking, thankfully has not been my case but you have to consider that. 97mm have a small contact patch, it will give you better range but it will have less grip and comfort than a wider patched wheel.

Finally, if you are looking for smaller wheels, I have had a very good experience with 83mm blue caguamas. They provide unbelievable comfort for the size. I really like them for a shorter, smaller board. Also, some people use magnums and swear by them, but they are really small and transmission options for them are limited.

I think it is important that you define what kind of board you want to use to see what options may fit better for your use case. As I said, I really like caguamas for a short deck (I have a BKB tayto), and would use bigger wheels for a more “standard” downhill/freeride deck that is 36+ inches.