Bergmeisters: Do I really need to go on a diet or why do I get flats?

Dear all,

no, you don’t need to go on a diet to ride the Bergmeisters!

A few people reported that they got flat tires on the Bergmeisters, even though the PSI was in an acceptable range.

It seems that we are to blame for some of these flats. It turns out that our Bergmeister design is not optimal in that a sharp edge can occur around the inner tube’s valve stem. That can happen if both rim halves are not perfectly matched (when screwed together).

For the next production batch we will slightly modify the design, so as to avoid this issue altogether.

The good news is: there is a VERY SIMPLE solution for all of you, that are currently riding the Bergmeisters. You will no longer experience any accidental punctures around the valve stem by using a silicon o-ring. We have tested it and it works very well (See picture below).

So what do you need to do?
Send us an email to HELLO@WERTRIMO.COM with information on:

a) how many Bergmeister sets do you have
b) first name / last name
c) phone number
d) address

and we will send free of charge the silicone o-rings to you. Please note that these o-rings can be re-used, so do not throw them away in case your inner tube has been nailed.

So our apologies for those flats. We will start shipping out the o-rings from Tuesday onwards.

Timo & Jeff


Love the open transparency and owning the problem.

Not sure if address should be in the list of info you’re asking people to send?


hi Wayne @MasterSpoon,
some people got their Bergmeisters not directly from us…but from somebody else selling their set…so it is impossible for us to trace their address in our system.
So that is why we need the address for…just by email…not displaying it in the forum :slight_smile:


Yeah probably wasn’t clear enough

Currently your list is

Was saying you might want to add address to that


But still, let this post be a motivation for it, that ll be good “come on people we need to go on a diet!” :slight_smile:


Hi Timo is it to late to get these included in my order? Ps :+1:love that you took the time to address this.
From Brendon

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hahaha…of course…sorry…it is the start of the week…only Monday


Hi Brendon @BCoad: Hi there matey, nope, already done for your order. You will receive the tracking number in the next two hours :slight_smile:


Cool. Holy shit your the quickest esk8 vender I’ve ever seen. But you already got my details( havnt moved since this morning lol) so should be all good let me know if there’s any postage on the o-ring.


If we want to order them ourselves: what’s the size or maybe a link? I have something like this laying around:

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Thanks for the heads-up, super respects

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We bought in bulk the following silicone ring:

Inner diameter: between 8.0-8.5mm
Outer diameter: 16mm
Thickness: 4mm

I would assume that any type of mid-soft o-ring would do the trick as long as it covers the valve stem.


I’ll try cutting a grooved o-ring gasket in half and glueing each bit to the hub, then forget about it forever


great…if it does not work, please let me know and you got some oranges coming your way


Lol I’m in Portugal atm, literally oranges everywhere


Thanks Timo. Will mail today.

I appreciate you guys being classy about this. :call_me_hand:


hahaha…darn autocorrect…o-rings…but good…otherwise I would have included some Taiwanese oranges too…but given you have em…no need for those oranges then…


Thanks if not sent don’t waste the postage I do have lots and lots of different sizes stashed

Appreciate it bro

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For who wants to help out and order by them self here a cheap source

ID 8 / OD 16mm, 4mm thick
US $1.01 43%OFF | Uxcell 10Pcs 4Mm Thick Rubber Oil Filter Seal Gaskets Black Id . | 11mm | 12mm | 13mm | 14mm | 19mm | 4mm | 6mm | 7mm | 8mm |


Not sure if you had saw this yet but, @702vegas !

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