Bergmaisters tube puncture, anyone?

I have to check if I am doing something wrong here… It’s really annoying but today I had my 3rd flat tyre in the last month and a half.

All of them failed at the same spot, where the valve is connected to the tube. 3 different hubs.

95% city streets. Not the best one but more than acceptable.

Am I the only one? Any way to prevent this?


Don’t make me say it again man… Ali 6x2 tubes.


Wow, so that’s a known issue. My came with rubber groomets installed :man_shrugging:

Oh well. Ali it is then. :pensive::sob:



Tire pressure might have something to do with it. I am running 50 psi and I have had one puncture in about 1100 km.


Indeed I ride a lower PSI… I’ll give it a try

Even with the grommets and filing down the tire valve stem hole, I was still getting flats every 3rd ride.

Changed nothing on the hubs but started using the aliexpress tires and tubes and haven’t had one yet.


I ride 60psi and haven’t had issues. Daughter is 100lbs and rides 55psi and zero flats. You boys need to pump them up. Also depending on the pump design, you could be losing air at disconnection. Check with air gauge for actual psi.

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But they feel like absolute shit at that high psi. They’re so bad that they compare with urethane on shit roads

Not my experience at all.

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Ive said it once, I’ll say it again… I tried EVERYTHING. 30-60psi, slime and no slime, kevlar strips and grommets… still ended up with all these

All the leaks are facing at 6 o clock


I managed to find 6x1.25 tubes. So far i had to use one in an emergency and i’m surprised how non-wobbly it is.
With 5x1’s being available only in museums now, 6x1.25’s are the next best thing

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I’ve worn out more sets of berg tires that’s I’ve had total flats.

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Man didn’t you hit 2 berg flats in under 24 hours when I was visiting?

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One was because there was a spacer in it, so can’t count that one. The other was one of my only two I ever got. 5 sets of bergs if you count the girls. Two flats.

I just have to disagree, I think they feel good at 55psi and haven’t actually had a puncture yet with about 700ish miles on the same tubes.


Guess the flats just followed me then

I’ll continue our disagreement that keeps popping up and also protest this sentiment

They do not feel like shit at high psi. I’m probably just lucky, zero flats in 400 miles on my two front ones

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Over 45 psi they rattle my bones and board on every small bump. I also lose some of the grip while braking which is super dangerous for me.
Between 35 and 40 psi they are perfect. They eat through tactile pavement like it’s nothing too.
Most of my puctures are due to the rubber being so thin, and my gripe with these tyres is the inner tubes are almost unfixable in every case