Beginner Question Thread! 2023 Edition

Anyone with top boxes ever attach a panel mount xt90 to the bottom of their battery box? Im debating, but im not sure if it would put too much stress on wire, or if it would be at risk of disconnect from deck flex or something of that nature?


One of my 90 degreepanel mounts would be perfect for that


almost there!

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give it a few more months maybe

Any1 know the difference between Radium/Reacher/SKP/Astrocans?
They all use Radium motors as a base right?


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It seems like I don’t have edit priviledges yet

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I know this is pretty specific, but does anyone here have a nanuk 910/915 and know if when mounting to a haero deck if the bolt holes will hit or pass the ridges? Pic for reference. I think haero bolt pattern is 5cm apart, and same ridges on bottom of case. I dont expect an answer but if someone knows, that would be great for calming my neurosis. Ty all

Hi, I realize its an ancient post, but can you comment on the feel of the MADRID PEAFOWL 39" DROP THROUGH deck. How much flex is there, how is the drop down ect… Much appreciated. thx

It’s been a minute since I was last on it, but the drop is pretty minimal, enough that you can feel the rise but not enough to be uncomfortable to stand on; the board is fairly stiff but def not the stiffest in the quiver (stiffer than a LY drop hammer but flexier than a switchblade or evo), I get a little spring out of it which I think is appropriate for an eskate for my weight (55kg)


Thx… I’ll try it …I’m 85kg so it will have a bit more flex for me :smiley:

can anyone help me decipher this fault?

Motor : 1
Current : 102.1
Current filtered : 60.3
Voltage : 48.78
Duty : 0.058
RPM : 211.3
Tacho : 7247
Cycles running : 3112
TIM duty : 388
TIM val samp : 3360
TIM current samp : 3360
TIM top : 6720
Comm step : 0
Temperature : 26.95

turned the vesc on, ran both sides, both motors, and the one on the same side as the PWM inout did this, which was accompanied by not turning and stuttering.

This is after detection rules out sensors completely, noting they weren’t working and it set this motor up as sensorless.

dv4s with 2x flipsky 6374 190kv

Follow up question :slight_smile: Did you electrify that board? Which enclosure did you use?

Yeah TB110 wheels on BN184 trucks, and Meepo V3 enclosures

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