Bearing problem on Torqueboards Direct Drive

Cheers guys,

recently stepped up to an Evo-build from an ownboard - worth it. Few questions though, that i can’t figure myself:

One of the DD-motors has got this slight rattle on it. Even to be heard when turning the cans by hand. Bad sign? Any way to repair? Any ideas?

Focbox Unity app doesn’t want to run on my pocophone f1 with MIUI. Wegen scanning it goes

Any help? Using latest app-version and FW 23.46.
Working great on non-miui-phones. Just not willing to carry 2 phones.

Got TB 110mm 2nd hand. Got no DD-adapters cause shipping is too expensive. Trigger finger was too fast. Any way to improvise adapters? Any other known adapters that would be compatible?

Thanks in advance


Which direct drive? I’m guessing it’s an elofty/boundmotor/esk8supply. Rattling was also an issue for me. There was some slack where the motor rests on the axle. I just used some brass shims to fill in the space and some steel epoxy 🤷. But you should open it up to see. You could just be missing something easy. Maybe provide photos or videos?

Also they sell adapters or you can 3D print one or find someone to do so.

It’s Torqueboards DD 75kv - sorry, thought i included that information. As far as i know these are hard if not impossible to open. Right - wrong?

Asked Dexter about the cost of the adapters. 140€, shipping included, is far more than I’d like to spend as long as i don’t know if the motors are prone to failing. Finding someone who can print might be a solution though.

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Made this one…

Does that help?
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The printed adapters I tried on my eLoftys were chewed right up, and TB drives are stronger.


K, so no printing.

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Another person named Timo!

We’re now at 3… At least

Good luck with the build, hopefully you can get the adapters from dex easily.

Oohh Germany. Ouch

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Yapp, we’re everywhere :grimacing:

PS: Bearing down?


Yeah that’s what an old bearings sounds like. Might be a bit dry, or might have some sand in it or something.

Any ideas how to get to the places of the motor that make it possible to clean/change the bearing?
Also would sewing-machine-oil work?

I had that rattle on my TB DDs fresh out of the box, but only on one side. Like others have said above, just slide the motor can off the axle and wrap some tape around the axle (I needed only one layer of insulation tape) and slide the motor can back over it. The tape then takes up the slack and the rattle has gone. I agree the noise sounds like an expensive fault, but it is easily fixed. A metal shim would be better, but I didn’t have any to hand at the time and the rattle has still not come back even with the tape ‘fix’.

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your bearings sound dry AF…

@dex to the rescue


@kook to the rescue. :+1: :innocent:


The noise does definitely not come from the motor mounts. I already tried lubricating through the seal, but the grinding and clicking stays.
I’d be ready for instructions on how to change the bearings. Would using c-clip-pliers to be able to remove the bearing seal be advisable? No idea if cleaning a bearing without being able to fully remove it from the can is even possible…

@wh4ck You already tried adding bearing oil? You need a jig to be able to remove everything.

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Yes, i did. Still sounds horrible.

Do you have a picture of the device you use for this type of work? Maybe i could improvise one.

The motors were bought around July 2019. Considering you wrote on builders that yours did several thousand kilometers i’m not willing to give up on mine, yet.

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@wh4ck I’ll probably have a video in the future. But this should give you an idea.



Are you pressing the bearing into its seat by applying force on the inner race?

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No, this is only how to get access to the stator.

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