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Battery PCB Files

Put this in the Wiki Since I don’t really plan on selling these rn.

I will happily make customs files for you with whatever logo you want.
At cost (and for tips) I will even place the orders for you

Should be able to get these made at a fab house of your choice.
If someone can link other files to the pcbs that already float around that would great.

I’ll add as I go along.
-3p (x)
-4p (x)
-3p ()
-4p (x)

Gerber_18650 (3.2 KB)
Gerber_18650 (3.3 KB)
Gerber_18650 (3.3 KB)
Gerber_18650 (66.2 KB)

Gerber_21700 (3.6 KB)


I’ll sell @Skunk’s shamelessly to the highest bidder.


Jk. I’ve got a bunch of templates made up in EagleCAD if anyone uses that. Gerber’s too. Maybe we should throw up a repo and collect em on the OS-Esk8 Org?


What’s this?

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I’m about to hop on a plane but I’ll make a repo and throw a few PCB related things up.


I will take it if you give me 20 bucks


I bet you say that to all the fellas.

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Ill add what I have. Ive got quite a few PCB things in dev and will soon be tackling the feather remote code.


added an 805 Logo version because we gotta rep

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anyone want to make a trade where you turn my drawing into a gerber file?

i made a version before for (24) 18650s in series, so 6s4p, but this time am using 26650 cells and getting them all on one board and using slots in the center and will be 12s3p.

here is one side. in the past id done two sided and with lots of through holes and a solder mask on bottom and was the same traces on top and bottom, but this time it needs to maybe have another layer or something to get anther fat trace going back, or maybe could do 4oz copper on the top and then the bottom the long trace and solder mask. i dont know what makes most sense and maybe would need another layer but rather not.

this is good enough really but maybe could integrate the balance traces or better yet integrate the balancing circuit for each P group.

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I may be able to help. I’ve been playing Around with kicad and made something similar to what you have there but for a 10s4p.



as you have it there in the pic is that a done design? maybe could just use that since the cells are the same length…but need to do 12s. is that a done board?
im needing to fit it in 143x490mm.

i dont have a pic of what i made before but was nice with each cell being soldered separately. the nickel wrapping around the complete board. rather do that than have the nickel consolidate and narrow for a single slot

but if we come up with another design based on what i drew… could compensate you?

found some old pics of same design want to do:

but it doesnt have the balance wires come to a plug and want to do that or better yet integrate just p group balancing and a fuse if it can fit somewhere on the board with the 26650 cells. so this drawing is 18650 and 4p and want to do 26650 and 3p though as i said

what i made before. and two beside each other


Yes, That’s a finished gerber that I printed out. The reason I did the layout above is because it has no current besides the balance leads passing through the pcb although I haven’t got it made out tested it yet. I could probably adopt it for 12s and 26650 cells.

If I get some free time I may be able to try your design but I’m really new to kicad so doing stuff like this (multiple layers, routing tracks through layers, lots of vias)-

Scares me a bit. Pm me and maybe we can figure something out.

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I heard y’all like battery PCBs?

I got some coming to Ze GitHubs.


Have you tested that long one? I’m very curious as it looks super similar to the one I designed.


Testing so far has been on the 21700 version I did with Kaly + the 18650 with @torqueboards

I’m not sure I can personally sign off on them being used in a high flex application but so far they’re holding up well for ride testing. Ernesto uses the design in his production 2.0 I believe.

Definitely makes battery building a lot easier. Prestamped Nickel tabs @ 0.2 help as well.


seems worth getting it all on one board for ease of assembly. less work and less stuff to break

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What’s the thickness of the pcb and copper weight on yours?

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The other ones are for a deliberately modular design.

Thinking through travel pack ideas


1.6/2oz but the copper doesn’t carry any current outside of the balance traces

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I’ve come up with this-

It’s meant to hold a 2s3p pack on it and has a jst for balance wires on the side.