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I have been reading about making batteries on here and the other forum, and I feel I can build my own, but unfortunately time and equipment is what holds me back. I travel for work a lot and can leave on a moments notice, so really don’t wanna start a battery build and have to leave it sit a while. In my searching I thought maybe there could be a list of trusted builders, builders that have the knowledge AND (key word) the TIME to build batteries for people, or willing to take on a project from time to time if they are open. I know there are a few main names that come up with their own shop and site, but I figured there were more out there that wouldn’t mind helping out. Plus I know from reading that a few of those shops have been keeping busy with full builds, which is pretty awesome they can continue producing badass boards for the community! If there is a list somewhere and I missed it, I apologize, but would appreciate being pointed towards it :grin:

Here is a good thread.


There’s also a lot of dumb questions and half truths in there… Be careful.

Here is a better list in my opinion.

A list of approved Battery Builders / Shops
Please provide Information if you bought a battery from one of these builders and experienced any problems

eBoards Peru @Eboosted Custom builds for his enclosures

US only
Long Haired Boy @longhairedboy

EU only
@pjotr47 Instagram Custom builds PM only
@Acido PM only
eSkating @ fottaz

UK only
Street-Wing @ DavidBanner (currently PM only)

Australia only
@TinnieSinker Custom builds(PM only)
Marsen @Marsen Custom batteries

Not sure yet
Chiboards Battery Systems @barajabali (broken webpage so PM only?)
ElectricBoardSolutions @ e.board_solutions
Alien Power System @ ALIENPOWERSYSTEM1
DIYElectircSkateboards @torqueboards


I’ve read through that, lots of good info, what I’m asking for is a list of those trusted builders in one place, not strung out through a few hundred comments, then you ask and they say no.

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I’d prefer this to be a wiki we build upon… Oh hey Damon!

Ah yes!! Something just like that hahaha, thanks!!

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most of my work is building packs and/or assembling (or after market modding) other companies’ builds in addition to my own customs.

but probably 75% of my time is building packs. So yes, i build packs for people.


This was a collaborative effort but I agree with most of them.

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I thought so, but on the site it shows just the one, and how not to build a pack hahaha. so I was unsure if a custom pack could be made or not. A few of the other sites I’ve come across say nothing of battery packs but do have pieces to build one though :grin:

That one isn’t custom and comes as is. I don’t aggressively advertise my services but that’s probably going to change soon. It’s time for a .com update.

Biggest pack i’ve built so far was a 13S10P for a crazy off road monster.

I buiild 10S4Ps a few times a week for evolve mods, 12S5Ps for my own boards, 12S6Ps for bioboards, and occasionally a big custom pack for whomever.

But soon i’m going to make it a lot easier for the community to build their own packs from pre-welded p-groups. Welding is the thing most people can’t do here. Soldering and taping is almost second nature to most of you. So why not let me do the welding and you can do your own taping and soldering?

I’ll probably offer flat fours, flat fives, trapezoid fives, rhombus sixes, and maybe some other stacking patterns and all of those in 2S pre-welds as options. Ship me the cells, i weld them and ship them back in the cell box and then you can wire them however you choose.

been thinking about that a while now.


Haha that was also a service I was going to offer at the end off August.

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Yes please, some pre welded p groups would be amazing!!!


I was planning to use Daly BMS in one of my robots. I was wondering what to get, separate port or combined port. I prefer separate port because it doesn’t expose the battery to the outside world – basically if I short the charge port nothing happens. But the issue that I can see is that when the car brakes, the ESC will send current back to the battery through the discharge port. Can the Daly separate port BMS handle that?

The link below says that it depends on the BMS

Fat bump on past on this thread, haha.

From my experience, I used a common port BMS, 10S 35A. The short answer is, no. I discharged through it because I figured the hobbywind esc board wouldn’t generate enough current to be any issue for the bms, I was wrong, any good sized hill braking hard and the bms would cutout killing the brakes. Iirc the charge current is half the discharge current, which I guess I didn’t know/realize at the time. And thus resulted in brake failure.

With a robot, you probably have a lot less weight and lower regen current. So it may not matter as much.


Oh yeahhh. Haha. I though I was posting it in the battery builders club thred