Bad Idea/Building a board around a battery

Hi there,

So I have this spare Hurricane battery sitting around. And even though I know that is not the smartest way to start, I’d like to collect some ideas in terms of enclosure/board options. I’d like the thing to run on a VESC, keep the battery inside the case (54x20x3.3cm) and use RKP’s, preferably Boardnamics. Boardsize would be something around the Demonseed dimensions (I guess?).

How do I find an enclosure suitable for this freak of a battery case? How bad is this idea in general?

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I feel like its going to constrain you in many ways and you’ll likely finish with an end product (if you finish at all) that is more compromise than choice.


Considering that deck + enclosure are the first things you decide on in a build, if you can find one that suits your needs + fits the battery – doesn’t seem like a terrible idea at all :slight_smile:


Yes, so in order to continue with this idea, I guess I’d need this precious perfectly-matching enclosure to appear here in this thread, somehow.

Check the dimensions of the battery against the usable space dimensions on eboosted/bigben and other enclosures.

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I did, 20cm is pretty wide. Doesn’t seem that eboosted has a single one matching that width…

And then again, the Hurricane battery case is obv very stiff, as ist was made to remain enclosed in the original CF deck… How would that work if I was to find a fitting enclosure, I would need a superstiff deck as well, no?



Working my way up there, thx. Ok, so ultrastiff Deck and probably pretty big too, say 40" +? That should reduce the options a bit. Any recommendations? Demonseed stiff enough?

Next step would then be to ask BigBen nicely, right? As there don’t seem to be enclosures with the above dimensions (width!) to be found anywhere.

This would be wide enough :upside_down_face:


You found the one :slightly_smiling_face:. Part of me wants this, the other one wants an agile lightweight’ish beast. Might need to satisfy both sides at some point.

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My man, you’re contradicting yourself here… That case is heavy af…

Then again, I wouldn’t take it out of the case for that specific battery neither… The series connections are all spot welded nickel strips that will be super fragile if it’s only sitting in an enclosure, unless you pot the whole thing using 704 gel, then it would be heavy af again…

If I were you I would ditch the case and bring the pack that’s been unfolded back to how it was made (folded together like a brick) kinda like how most Trampa boards are done. this allows you to have good pack sturdiness whilst also removing that chunky case, as well as being able to easily fit the battery on almost any longboard with either the Trampa enclosure or easily make one yourself by sketching out the 2D CAD and have some shop waterjet/laser cut your enclosure out of any material you want.

Unless old mate is already a skilled battery builder, I 100% would recommend against this opinion.


Right. Missed out on that part.

Having someone qualified to do the steps above is what I would do if I don’t have the required skills.

You’re essentially doing this entire process backwards, and going to have a very tough time finishing, if you finish.

You will likely have to make a custom enclosure which I wouldn’t really recommend on a first build. It’s likely you’d resort to 3D printing an enclosure which IMHO will be even worse because it will probably break in short order.

Ha, thanks for the encouragement, I knew it was a good idea! Thing is: If I had to choose a first build, I’d go for a pretty compact (in terms of dimensions+weight) street beast, something like the SheheEV Polestar on steroids. That would be pretty ambitious for a 1st, I think. So then I thought, well, this battery is sitting there, let’s find a suitable Thing that wraps around it, and go from there.

So in a way, I am tempted to consider @glyphiks Semendeed, eben though my first Idea was not to go even larger than the Hurricane deck. But then again, I might like it (I will!). So yes, will consider, and with the help of @Simeon, it might actually turn out presentable. So, do you think I will run into deep trouble with the 30mm height of the enclosure, when the battery box is 33mm tall @glyphiks ?

Thanks for giving opinions guys, hope you don’t mind me zigzagging a bit in my ideas, I don’t mind If you do either :upside_down_face:

You’d need to use a gasket, but that’s not a huge issue.

Curious… why not just buy a hurricane deck?

Well, I own a Hurricane already. So basically I am forcing myself to try something new (in terms of deck shape) so I learn what I like and what not. Maybe I want an even bigger board (than the Hurricane), maybe I actually want to size down. Most likely I want both, so I might as well start with what is spare for now, and that’s this kinda bulky (but therefore sturdy?) battery case.

Fair enough. Why is the battery spare in the first place? Aren’t those hurricane batteries infamous for not balancing and having charging issues?

Well, the OG BMS of the battery died, so basically will be exchanging this for a Daly, all cells are fine. Charging issues were due to shitty chargers, I got one (two, actually, by accident) from a good batch. Shitty chargers seem to be a constant in Meepo products though, from what can be read about the Voyager (again).

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