[AU][WIP][AUD][LINKS] Trampa Build & Parts List over 5k spent so far

I started this build some time ago last year and finally decided to pick it back up and write a post about.

Here is the Thingiverse Link to the Throttle i had help modifying to fit 693ZZ Miniature Ball Bearing

Price List

Total Cost: $5,186.48‬


Spot Welder $142


2x Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV Sensored Brushless Motor (14P) $268.34 (134.17 ea)
FocBox Vesc x2 $420.20
280A Anti spark Smart Switch $94
44.4V 8A Charger $88.20
Blutooth Module $17
DIY Smart Remote (FireFly Nano) $226
Neopixel Stick $18.25
Metr Pro BlueTooth Module $103
Dual FSESC6.6 Based upon VESC6 with Aluminum Heatsink $440

Drive Train

Motor Mounts $208.55
ISO06b Chain Roller Chain 06b $20 Local hardware Store as a spare (Also supplied with sprockets)
Sprockets 10T/35T 8mm Shaft $201.68

Replacing Overrion chain drive with Etoxx MAXI Helical 1:6.25 for vertigo trucks 8T/50T


Trampa HS11/HolyPro 35 DS $290.54


DIY Battery 12s7p $516.42 (not including other items)
86x Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mAh - 15A (2 Spare) $446.42
BesTech D140 Charge Only BMS $70

Heat shrink $1.35
Battery insulator $1.25
Foam $7
Barley Green Paper $7
Nickel Tape $9.25
Kapton Tape $4

GX-16 3 Pin $2
Silicone Wire/XT90 Connectors $25.51

Board Components

Total Cost of Board + Extras $1080

1 x TRAMPA Mountainboard with 12mm HOLLOW Axle VERTIGO Trucks RATCHET Bindings & Custom Wheels
35º HS11 Deck Shape
17ply 35º HS11 Deck - Stiffest
WHITE Powdercoated with Black logo VERTIGO Baseplate
Powder Coated WHITE Springs
BLUE DAMPA’s - 85a Very stiff Steering
8 Inch 5 Spoke SUPERSTAR Hubs
Carbon Print Rim
SILVER Anodised Spokes
BLACK ATB Bearings - 12mm Axles
RATCHET Style Bindings please
White strap with Black Foam Footstraps
WHITE with BLACK logo L-Brackets
WHITE Powder Coated Ratchet Buckles


2 x 6.5 Inch URBAN Treads High Pressure High speed Tyres
2x 7 Inch Inner Tube with Tyre
1x Muck Off Bag

4x 13111 - MBS T1 Tire - 200x50 Black $100
4x 13012 - MBS Tube 8" $48



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Update to this build. Got my etoxx maxi helical drive in 6.25 gearing ratio. Motors are to long so needing to shorten them is a pain since I don’t have access to all my tools. So far 1 motor has taken me 2 days to cut through 8mm of steel with a hack saw and file l. Still needs cleaning up but I’ll do that over the weekend as I finish curing through the second motor tomorrow

16mm of steel is a bitch to cut through by hand I wish I had access to my power tools…

Having cut off about 7mm on each motor shaft as they are too long for the etoxx kit.

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Did you receive your cells mine got shipped within a week lol

nope i asked for a refund last week and i have practically been ignored. i sent another email today giving till friday to refund my money or ill be taking it up wiht my bank and lodging a claim.

Did you buy a complete Trampa MTB through Munro Boards? I saved $300 like that when I built mine, plus you order it how you like it anyway.

nope i bought it directly from Trampa no supplier in aus sells all the parts for it for some reason

If you ordered a complete through Munro, you specify exactly what parts you want on the board, as they don’t keep stock.

Mine came in exactly the colour I wanted (gunmetal) and with Urban Treads instead of the Primo Alpha’s listed on their website, plus I added heel straps.

This was all done via email, so just FYI and for future reference. It also came directly to my door from Trampa, didn’t have to go past Munro first.

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Oh well their loss I apose, should have updated their site to show all available options. I still got my product and don’t really care that I spent more on it at least it goes back to Trampa

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Bit of an update on this build, finally got the Etoxx Gear drive system installed just need to apply the sugar paste to finish closing it up and grease it. My new duel Fesc 6.6 is on its way back from repairs. i had recieved my cells within a few days from a supplier in melbourne. went to start welding them and upon turning on the welder it went poof. so no battery for me for a while now =(

decided to print off 7p NESE modules and ordered hardare kit for a 12s7p battery.

4 nese modules printed so far 2 more about to come off the beds within the hour and another 2 to start

i lucked out a little heres the nese modules barely fit in the top mount enclosure stacking them 3x4 hopefully with the hardware kits they dont take up much more space or i may be in trouble. i may end up looking for an alternative solution for housing the vesc as it most likely wont fit in the pelicase 1200 but i would like to put my other electronics in their at the least and have the fesc closer to the motors with much shorter extention cables. will have to do some research to see what will fit within that space and how to mount it as it veers from my origional plan.

i also need to find a way to mount the pelicase to the board. i would liek to steer away from using bolts or anything along those sorts and might end up using some high strength velcro or something. wil have to see what others have done. if i plan on taking it off road i may even strap it down but most of my riding is in the city, grass, dirt paths so jumps and what not are not an issue but i rather have piece of mind.

also picked up some green dampas to replace the blue ones with they were very tight and after inflating the tyres and putting the green ones in the board feels much better though i will probably lose stability as they are much softer.


Shit that sucks about your welder dude! What welder was it?

Did you order the low profile NESE hardware?

picked up from here 18650.it

the welder was the cheap chinese one from bang good duno what i was expecting tbh but i should have at least opened it and tested itwhen i first recieved it… but sicne it had non AU plug i had no adapter for it at the time and since i had no cells i had no reason to rush but i guess i did… there goes $300 and since its (3 months out of warranty) i dont have the box and tracking number etc they wont do anything to help so i mgiht just take it to paypal and lodge a claim

Shit dude, that really sucks. For that money you are pretty much at kWeld price!

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sold all my drone gear so i had no lipos laying around it was one of those Sunkko 737 welders by the way.

this build has been nothing but a night mare. i blew one of my foc boxes on a test ride so i had to order a new DUEL FESC 6.6 from flip sky. lasted 1 week of riding with a sanyo pack from wowgo and it died on me so its out for repairs ( on its way back to me at the moment)

changed so many things on it the build cost is out of proportion. would of been cheaper buying a pre built by now haha

so far its liek another $250 in NESE hardware to add ontop of my current costings haha

another $30 odd for changing dampas and getting replacement nuts for the vertigo trucks. they messed up my order and sent me wrong nuts. the package got lost in the mail (delivered to the right address but to the wrong place ( i get my stuff delivered to work in a shared company offic e space, local post dropped it off in the mail box for the floor. had the floor manager bring it to me lol), any ways got it home nad bam they were the wrong nuts so trampa is sending the right ones today for me)

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If you are tight on space in enclosure, I would hit up @Agniusm and make sure you are getting the low profile hardware

i am printing the NESE modules myself so i only need the hardware set. so long as the hardware doesnt add much room it will be fine i have no wiggle room to go up but heaps to go forward and not much to the left or right of the box. it will be a tight fit but i plan on mkaing a 3x4 stack in the pelicase 1200 which i had 4 printed nese modules and they stack niceley side by side and upwards

6 to go and 1 on the bed

I am optomistic about what I’m going to fit in here

Good luck. Again, ask about the low profile hardware, it will save you some millimeters.

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@NoWind elastomere dampers, +5 wedge for the front, and -5 dewedge for the back. Steering and stability sorted.

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in deer time haha, this builds cost me a fortune and my salery isnt very good so its baby steps. i even have a backup plan for the FESC to 3D print a back mount enclosure till i can find a permanent solution as a fall back plan since the NESE modules will take up some serious space.

i even plan to add the motorcross dampa system to front trucks so i can adjust on the fly

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