[AU Melbourne] WTS Trampa/Etoxx helical Build $2,900 AUD

DIY trampa build looking to sell to fund next build

$3500 AUD

Price Drop to ($2,900)

etoxx helical Maxi drive 8/50 ratio
TB 6380 170kv
22AH 12s (TBC 6s in series)
Trampa vesc with can
Trampa wand with replaced and much smoother throttle (Also comes with trigger kit)
Flipsky anti spark switch
Barrels installed also comes with springs
ceramic bearings from trampa, have origionals in the tube i can supply
New Trampa Toolkit for on the fly repairs
New spare hub and wheel (exc bearings)
Spare Trampa Vesc 6
New Duel Vesc 6 mount for deck
Wand Accessory Trigger Kit

Build thread is outdated but you can follow the build process of this board
Build Thread


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A mountain climber :exploding_head:

sure is, climbs goat trails and all. will do rolling burnouts at 20kmh on gravel, grass and dirt no issues at all

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Price drop to $2,900 includes everything listed will also throw in a few more 8" AT treads New as i wont be needing them for my new board