[AU][WIP][AUD][LINKS] Trampa Build & Parts List over 5k spent so far

Man I work down in Adelaide and live up in brissy would be keen to see this build sometime :call_me_hand:t5:

Would love to its rideable at present I gpt all the parts in and All I got left to do is finish the battery.

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Bit of an update since its been a while waiting for parts. Trampa made a little mistake by sending me the wrong replacement nuts I needed since I can’t get 7/16 unf nyloc half nuts online in Australia or from a store that’s open on the weekends.

Got my fesc back from repairs it had a damaged can switch on it and the firmware was corrupted. So I didn’t have an St Link to fix that. Took a few weeks but it’s almost done just got some 90 degree USB adapters coming in since the 2 USB charge ports I got on my board fit well but didn’t realise how stiff and long the cable ends are. Got the electronics case all drilled out. Still need to figure out what I want to do with sensor wires without having to cut them.

Got the battery mostly assembled with nese modules. I decided to zip tie the lids down at the back be ause I had some issues closing them. My own fault printer wasn’t calibrated correctly and I was in a rush to print 2 modules a day running 24/7 for 5 days printing 13 modules. 1 spare for my 12s7p I ended up going with 7p modules and 12s7p fits perfectly snug in the pelicase 1200

Need to install LEDs with a plug n play. Going to use velcro as I want them removable when I take it off road. And need to figure out how I’m going to wire it to the enclosure. I don’t plan on drilling holes in the deck.

I used almost a roll of scotch double sided tape the strongest tape I know and I well over did it here. I used it to raise the velcro at the back of enclosure. It’s not velcro it’s that 10x seonger ruff that I’m not happy with but I need that removable as it’s over the back trucks and using scotch tape I’m more likely to rip the case apart trying to pry it off the deck.

Photo time


It’s not as clean as it should be but I’m limited on tools and working on the floor of my apartment so I did what I could to finish it with what I had.

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Why do you need the insulation paper on tbe outside of the nese modules?


Piece of mind. They are also heat shrinked in the same groups. I did this mostly so the packs don’t move around. The battery bms and charge port will be the only thing in that case but just incase its not I don’t want any shorts

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well my few shorts days of having my fesc back in my temp build and its back with the same issue almost 1km away from home 1 side of the duel fesc stopped working.


better 1km than 15km… always look at the positive sides :wink:

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I have a spare single Fesc flying around btw.

UnfortunTly I made the mistake of getting a duel fesc so they are combined as 1. Where I should have gotten 2 singles and connected them through can =(

Looks like an amazing build. Love the orange gear drive/blue motor combination. I’ll definitely follow this :eyes:

thanks. i was on the fence about getting blue or orange and wasnt sure if it would look strange. i jsut need to add some more orange to the build and it will look a lot nicer. might do that with the undermount LEDS i plan to add pulsing orange/Blue to make it stand out a bit more.

Any idea why? My dual fsesc6.6 did the same thing after the first 3km

well thats interesting, i sent mine back and they claimed it was corrupted firmware that caused it and they needed to reflash. but i asked someone on the discord server and they recon since its happened twice it could be Foreign object damage though i dont see how when its in an enclosed case with no way of anything getting in its water tight.

and just after a week of having it back in my build i get the same issue except i cant even conenct to my slave side

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I’m just gonna pull mine out and replace it with 2 singles, will use the double as a bench esc if i can get it fixed

how long have you had it for? and which singles are you lookign at getting? im honestly thinging the same thing sending it back and askign to have it replaced with 2 singles

Ive had it for months, i bought it off a guy here in Melbs who was gonna build his own board and never went through with it so it was brand new.

Died on its maiden voyage, not even 4km on it.

Dont really know where I stand with getting it fixed/replaced under warranty and to be honest I dont really wanna fuck around with that, would rather try and fix it myself.

I bought 2 single flipksy 4.20s just recently from @CLK so I will see how they go

i bought mine direct from flipsky sent it back to get it fixed. i bought it in august had it for about 2-3 days on the road with a test battery 10s2p sanyo pack pulled from my wowgo board and thats when it first happened. sent it in 3 weeks later i got it back (just last week i got it back from repairs) friday that just passed is when the same issue happened again but this time it looks ot be worse since i cant even connect to the slave side at all. so im not realyl impressed since it cost a little under $500

Yeah its enough for me to never want to buy their shit again. Will see how the singles go and if they are also shit, i might go for maytech singles

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its kinda sad we both have the same issue and i hate to see how many others do too. im going to ask if i can swap them out for the singles 6.6’s and pay the difference they are a bit mroe pricey but at least i know if the connection fails i cna replace the cable etc. i never liked 2in1 setups if 1 fails the entire thing is worthless

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