Arythmia 4WD - Boundmotor Octopus

@Monstra Managed to get them added to an order, not sure if theyll be a stocked item for them ongoing…


Got about 100km under the feet on this now and still trying to find a sweet spot for the motors, last ride i was too rear biased but the front felt good, today was pretty spicy in the front wanting to spin up at almost any speed. Im starting to think that the issue may not be amps but just the lack of surface area on these wheels and if i would find much of a difference going to a wider hub for a fatter profile… looking at you here @MBS . Will need to look at these options in more depth.

I had a smile plastered all over my face on the ride to work today and at least one laugh out loud. About 35-40km/h seems to be the sweet spot to cruise amd its got more power than i can get down currently, which is just what i wanted so im stupidly happy with it :laughing:

Legends the lot of you.


What a beast. If that’s the terrain you’re riding I think you’d get much more from a more aggressive tread (say MBS T3 for example) than you would extra width. Those white walls do look great though…


@MBS mostly sealed path and some trail like this mixed in nothing too extreme.

Offroad for it will be a different setup, probably chains… will see if… when the the wallet will allow it :laughing:

The white walls werent supposed to be a life feature on the deck, they’re growing on me but it would result in yet another pile of wheels which i won’t have space for so im left with sticking to the 200mm ruling out smaller tyres with a wider profile.

The hubs coming in july look to be the goods, seems like ill be needing a couple of sets, one for this and one for the other project.


I really love this build thread. I think I need an Boundmotor Octopus deck/enclosure myself.

If youre after width, the new MBS Pro XL hubs not only are wide, but can be further widened with some lasercut hub shims without affecting the bearing spacing.

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@Ac53n if that will still fit and stretch a 200x50 I’ll probably have to look fairly seriously at them. Having the option for bigger knobs is pretty attractive

Yep, i can confirm that they will easily fit a 200x50, even with additional spacers added.

Shoot me a DM, i can send you photos of the lasercut spacers installed and whatnot if i can find my old photos lol.

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I may be interested in a set of spacers for these wheels. Been looking for an easy way to pull meepo 165’s flatter

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Heres my old topic on the subject if you’re interested. Also has some photos of a 200x50 fitted onto them with significant spacers added.

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Grab handle/bull bar mounts in the paint shop, hopefull fit later today so i can get the bars made up

@sugandese lmk about those spacers, my machinist made a few up for me recently that were cheap enough to not care about scouring the world for others. (I had 10mm spacers made)


Olite bushings dude, pretty easy to pick up on eBay. Or makerstore in Vic has spacers in all different sizes. Cheers though

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@sugandese Dreamonseed AF- - #30 by Monstra

Installed the Tomiboi bindings on the front and took it out for a test ride, I have to say, I was instantly more comfortable on the board, cornering is more intense, I was able to hit offroad trails and more easily stay on the board over very rough ground that had formerly thrown me off on lesser boards.

Very much a game changer for this board and how I will ride it… thanks @tomiboi, that is some sick shit you have there… Im still terrified of full bindings but I popped out of these a couple of times as easy as you like and they’ve changed my world for the better.


Sounds awesome man. It’s cool they were able to work well with the extreme drop on that deck too. I’ll have to order a set.

Positioning is tricky because of the savage drop too

The bindings allowthe foot to be further back from the drop without losing the feel of engagement, even on the loosest setting it was great, being able to adjust by lifting the foot is incedibly good and im spewing it took me this long to try them.

Not sure if ill add the rear but probably… if it does anywhere near as good as the front… it’ll be mental. I even managed to go over a small muddy bmx track without issue


I’m happy you like the clips. Some kind of binding changes everything when it comes to esk8. It’s like adding a steering wheel to your deck. They’ve saved me from going down a few times too. Positioning them can be tricky on decks that aren’t flat, but DIYers always seem to figure it out.

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Ive quickly gotten used to this board, there are a few things that need changing so its due to get stripped down and more finely tuned.

Ive found it extreemly irritating to discover that, while being a tank of a machine and loads of fun… its Achilles heel is a freshly cut lawn and a bit of mud…

Its so annoyingly consistantly grabbing stones like this that the thing has its own dental tools…

This must end.

Its the little things that please the most


would it be possible to get a height measurement of the cable risers. i asked boundmotor on like monday and they still haven’t responded.

15mm deep x 80mm long x 55mm wide