are mboard batteries safe to use?


i’ve decided to start working on my eovan board and getting it up and running again. i’m looking for a 12s4p battery and am unsure as to where to buy one. I know a load of people are going to say make one but I’d much rather avoid being in the news for making a battery bomb. I had looked at mboards a little while ago however I saw a comment on this forum somewhere saying “they make batteries but don’t know how to make batteries” or something along those lines. does anyone have any experience buying batteries from mboards?


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from what i’ve seen, their batteries are pretty quality these days

they recently moved their battery building in-house or something

i’m sure someone more educated than me can chime in…


They used to re-sell shitty Chinese packs a few years back, but their current batteries look to be built to full modern standards.


I don’t suppose you know of any other places I could buy a battery from?


I have let the magic smoke out of every battery except the 3 I got here member @Skyart . however I haven’t tried any other battery makers here of which are surely on par with his and I tend to shill for them.I think all of the ones Haven recommended are great. I beat mine , like going camping with ike turner, the steepest hills in the sf Bay Area . 35 mile rides that gain/loose 2800’ of altitude,44 mph. they will not die, im 235 in all my gear(gear nazi,fragile old man,pussy, my purse must weigh 10 lbs) with the horror stories of battery fires’ dont skimp. Good luck . if you are looking for 12s5p in a case, dm me


Im not a fan of of the pcb mounted battery kits just because they seem bulky but from a quality of build perspective their stuff looks good. I haven’t gotten to take any apart and look at the quality of the construction but the clear shrink on them is in my opinion a good sign. You can’t hide poor construction and external daly bms makes any maintenance or repairs a lot easier.

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If I remember correctly, an eovan deck will need the battery made specifically to fit (like, more than normal).

Spiderbatterysystems did this before I believe.

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What country / state are you inside of?

I believe this is correct.

This is correct.

@SBS was this a relatively normal 12s4p build or did you have to intentionally build the battery to fit the space in the eovan deck?

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ugh… brilliant

I’ve done it, it was veryyyyy tight.

To answer op, generally most of the mboard batteries seem pretty well done

When I did it, I had to use flat braid to get clearance. Also, only one single layer of fishpaper all around. Siliconed it into the deck for vibration resistance

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Ok, on the topic of mboards, i been looking at cables n shit for between enclosures. Found this on mboards, and i am a dumb dumb, but something about this just seems wrong to me :sweat_smile:

Im not an electrician so i dont know for sure, but just something about that makes me weary.

What if you need to plug your dead battery into a fresh one to balance the charges? Seems legit (don’t, just dont)

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Yes, normal 12s4p build but it was very tight. I ended up shaving the side walls down a tiny amount.

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