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Archived: the OG noob question thread! 😀

Haven’t really noticed that myself but can’t say I bench tested FOC much just rode with it for a while but decided the noise is good since generally let’s people know something weird is going on.


Yeah i usually ride in bldc too. Was my first time trying foc. I really like it because esk8 is still illegal here.

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13s 170kv is less than 12s 190kv erpm at nominal voltage. Would probably have erpm limit at a little below 60k but high enough to hit top speed at whatever voltage. Just to be safe while not under load and combat this poof. So all there is for concern is braking down a hill at full charge?

Deckoz ran 13s at 190kv and @sk8l8r ran 13s at 192kv, not sure who else runs 13s. Both did fine.

Full charge 50.4v (no load - 12s) max erpm: 67,032 / under load - 5/6k erpm <60k erpm.
Full charge 54.6v (no load - 13s) max erpm: 64,974 / under load - 5/6k erpm >60k erpm.

12s 190kv (most common setup.) Actually higher chance of blowing a DRV to erpm. 13s, higher chance of overvolting esc due to breaking down a hill?

I thought OG focboxes were okay at 60k+ erpm.

All my sk3’s sound different when on the bench. One set click in reverse but not forwards.
Strip down and not a problem in sight. Mystery.

What I will say though is to check every bolt and screw on there. Mostly the 3 face allen bolts around the shaft and then the rear grub to the axle.

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Does anyone know that tool that has a 8mm bore and cuts around a rod. That could be used to shorten hanger width. Pretty sure it’s a lathe tool

It’s a lathe.

Also look here for other ways

They are fine on 13s and good for at least 100k erpm. Amp ratings per unit are also very under rated.

Deckoz god rest his forum soul has been running hard on them on 13s for years. Trust in those who know because they do. Not those who speak because of math.


I know lathe can do that. I found the vid I saw. The tool he’s holding is what I’m looking for

For anyone with a similar problem, I did a lot of research and I am now pretty confident this had nothing to do with the ESC or settings.

It was the motor mount (cheap HK) easily comes loose after vibrations and causes this issue. Since fixing it I have had no issue I think my settings were a little high on the esc and the over current was cutting out when I wasnt on the board but giving it full throttle to “test” but I am still taking it pretty easy before going all out.

My bigger concern now after all the research I did is that my Flipsky could get hot and catch fire so I am considering putting some heatsink on it. I am just checking the temp and settings in vesc tool now after a slightly hilly ride.

My noob question now is in vesc tool can I export this data, also what temperature is getting to the “too hot” ?

To heat sink the ESC will three little heatsinks on these be the best/easiest option? Is this even where the heatsinks need to go?

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Vescs (and vesc derivatives, of which the Flipsky are one) have temperature sensors onboard to monitor the temperature of the mosfets, and will self-throttle when they reach ~80C or so to prevent damage. Unless something catastrophic happens like a short, they won’t catch fire no matter how hard you push them - When they get too hot, they’ll just stop putting out power for a while until they cool down.


Does anyone know where to find the newest hobbywing hub ESC (40a or higher) with the OLED remote? I think I can get the basic remote version from Ownboard and supposedly @jeffwuneo

Looking into a Hamboard/NEO hubs or Drophammer/eLofty DKP/TB110 down the line when another board is decommissioned…just seeing what’s around

I kinda just want something to play nice with me for once, starting to get fed up with things being so problematic

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Tried the meepo website? I have the newest HW but not the display remote. Got it for a handful of peanuts


Meepo only has the hub version, unfortunately.

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The flux V6? That looks like the cheap ones you get for $60 on Banggood just with a new remote

This is a little blanket. Yes things can catch fire. They can because there are more factors at play than just what the vesc can or can’t do. For example that positive running over the mosfet there. Installation is so very important. Yes things can go flickery orange stuff if its not correctly installed. Catastrophic shorts don’t just materialise. They are caused by lack of basic knowledge.


On the hobbywing website they have one that claims to support Bluetooth to your phone


Is that not what he said? Or am I stoopid

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That’s the one they use in the Exway with some customization. Much nicer. Dareno has this better version, too. Works great with either hubs or belts (switched in app).

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If this reply doesn’t start with yes you are then I will be disappointed


They have a potted standard one for hubs (75kv) and another potted one for hubs (200kv), as well as the higher spec one you bought.

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