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Boardnamics Precision 220mm Caliber II Hangers

is the GB just for a pair of trucks or the whole trucks/mounts package?

Would probably be wise to wait until he finishes releasing things.
Start planning them winter builds/rebuilds

Whats to come:

BN220 Trucks:
Comes in Adjustable 0, 15, 30, 40, 50
Comes in Fixed 30, 40, 50
Riptide bushings/pivot, press-fit kingpin stud, US shoulder bolt this time :wink:

Motor pulleys
Steel, 8mm bore, keyway, 2 M5 set screw, 16mm wide
14T, 16T, 18T

Bearing Wheel Pulleys:
Kegel and Flywheel. Press fit with mallet
Includes correct spacers so no more guessing with copper washers

New idler with way better clearance and even easier to install
Precision clamp for my trucks/hangers
Crossbar for more strength

At this moment in time, all these parts exist. It is just a matter of being able to afford all this stuff in one order :sweat_smile:. This is why preorders exist I guess but it has a very bad rep


Now signing up for Boardnamics monthly parts subscription service!


yes yes yes yes yes :star_struck:

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I actually have limited edition 184mm versions. Only 4 in the world and @b264 has claimed 2/4


Can I have the other 2?

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whats so good about these short ones?
Other than they’re shorter and more compact?

Cons: you cant fit alota mounts and pullys and motors onto them

They’re precision e caliber so the pulleys would work. They would have a bit more usable space than a standard 184 hanger. If you guys want a 184 version, I can make more of them than just 4.


IMO 6355 motors are the sweet spot of weight / performance for street boards, and you don’t need bigger and heavier 220mm hangers to mount them.

Other than that shorter hangers usually provide more maneuverability compared to longer ones.


Plus super wide trucks can be kinda silly on lots of kicktail decks


I´m in about 10 days in San Diego.
Maybe that helps to get them easy and fast to EU.


@klaus79856 is a super cool guy. Would trust for transit.

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Should we open up a new thread? I would be down for a 220mm Precision Hangers + 63mm Motor Mounts Kit. Shipped to germany :slight_smile:

That would be great. There are pretty much zero good alternatives to e-calibers at the moment…
I tried TB218 trucks on my kicktail build and it looks like a retarded dune buggy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I will make a Group buy thread


Came to say this, but @rod articulated it perfectly.

Also, short boards. If the wheels are 3 meters apart, it’s hard to kick-push or footbrake because your foot hits the wheel. On tailless longboards, this is a non-issue.


Should’ve check out this thread earlier. Oh well, dual 6374’s are nice too.

I you make a gb or something for the 184 i might be in for a set. How much does it cost to ship to EU usually ?

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2 hangers to ship into eu is $22.80 but I charge $10.