I must agree with everything you said.
I rode my MTB with apex air for the first time last week-end and it’s incredible. So confortable and it gives you à lot of confidence to push more.
It’s moving in all directions to absorb every obstacle you would encounter. Look at the video !
I can’t imagine riding on those trails with channel truck. All those impacts going through the pivot and the deck to your feet and legs :confused:.

Thank you Apex for this amazing product !


Indeed! This is where they really shine, on a fixed pivot those sort of conditions would be very difficult to ride. I’m really glad you are enjoying them dude :+1:

Yes totally agree, which is why I feel like picking a certain bushing combination and doing a test as per Zachs video isn’t a good comparison. Ultimately its down to what you want out of your setup, if you are comparing strictly turn rate you have to pick the softest bushing option on both trucks. Regardless I feel like judging any off road truck strictly by its turning radius is probably not the best thing to do. How are they at speed? How much do they cost? How durable are they? How do they deal with shock loads? , how easy are the axels to change? What are the tollerances like? How adjustable are they? How heavy are they? How is the quality of the bushings? I feel like these are metrics that are very important for off road trucks.

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Great video. What is the tightest turning radius you can get using say a Cone/Cone or Cone/Barrel bushing arrangement?

Our stock setup is purposely configured to be a little more stable at the cost of agility as we want things to be safe for novice and faster riders out of the box.

But recently we were at a cart track event with a few apex owners and also had our apex boards and some bushing with us.

A few of the guys riding the stock bushings were having real problems with the tight turns on the cart track and couldn’t understand how we were making to look so easy.

We told them the key is double cones up front. Lucky we had some new white cones to hand to lend out. Quick 2 min switch and they went out for some laps.

The result? Not only did they all make it round on the first lap but all the guys who tried them ended up buying the set they had fitted and using them for the rest of the night.

My recommendation for anyone wanting super nimble setup try some double white cones up front. If that’s too much the white cone and small barrel is a little more stable but still responsive.


Thank you for the advice.
I’m not a pro with bushing, can you link the white cone and small barrel you are talking about please ?

Any reason @ApexBoards to maybe do a air kit with bushings you see as most common maybe?


Yeah we are going to do a “Track Pack” with the softer bushings in them. It’s on my to do list mate


Wanted to chip in, feel bad for missing this thread have put around 2000-3000km on my luna air trucks and 1000km on my apex air trucks, what I just want to add is from my experience Krank did not work for me, I run a DIY Fluxx Motion board which is carbon wrapped so it’s pretty stiff with some very minor flex.

But from my experience much more with the Luna air trucks is that krank bushings makes the board wanna “speed wobble” because it wants to find center really badly and the “bounciness” just makes it auto correct too much so I wrote in early luna post aswell that for me the WFB formula is a godsend, it just made the ride so much comftier, I could have the trucks alot looser and I felt so planted and secure on the board.

Please note it’s not as flexible as other MTB setups usually are (i.e. Trampa or Apex) but also I ride 90% urban riding so potholes, gravel, asphalt and usually never stay below 25 km/h, its usually cruise around 30-40 km/h, once WFB never anything else for me, I had friends try my board out (other riders) they say they feel so secure on the board and have no doubt on what it will do and dont.


This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone compare WFB and Krank. I’ve only ever used Krank, good info

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I think @poastoast is a strong user of web


i luv wfb

so far i’ve bought at least

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Best way to run KranK if you want to minimize the feedback is to run them just slightly preloaded and use flat washers


I have had them slightly preloaded, very preloaded and loose, the luna trucks come with flat washers aswell, it just didn’t work very well had the Medium and Light set that was sold by Moon, when the self induced speed wobble occured it was the “right” turnability and when i tightened them so it wouldn’t happen, I could barely turn the board anymore.

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Some truck and riders definitely benefit from a very low rebound compound like WFB.


Do you know how WFB or APS compares to Venom HPF? I’m finding my HPF barrel/cone combo to be a little too snappy at speed, wondering if the Riptide formula would be better for less rebound.

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APS is more similar than WFB

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“Double cones” – meaning Krank Cones on both sides of the truck, or just two white cones on the road side?

The reference is to: Riptide Krank 87a cones and barrels. There are a few varities of both.


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Small cones boardside and roadside.:+1:

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Standard Cone (0.6") or Street Cone (0.4")?