AL's "Totally Not DIY" Mach 1 Mods

Righto cocks, unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, you might have noticed that i’ve been blessed with #09 of the Genesis batch of Radium Mach 1 boards :partying_face: huge thanks to @Tony_Stark and the Radium team for bringing this beauty to life!

Now, after putting 100+kms on it this weekend, I can safely say that this is the BEST board i have ever just jumped on and zoomed into the sunset on…

But being the deplorable human being that I am, there are things to be done. Firstly, i need some extra shape to accommodate my chad stance…

I added EVA foam in layers to achieve some extra shape to rest my feet into. I also filled in the drop a little so that my feet can more easily roll up the drops rather than dig into them.

Covered in shitty grip tape from the hardware and some hot glue as a theft deterrent, the first mod is complete!!!

I hear you, you’re saying “that’s not a mod, that’s just griptape, what kind of DIYer are you?” Just settle cocks.

I have some plans and things that I want to do. This is your first clue… if my warranty isn’t void yet, it will be very soon :sweat_smile:


DIY the “09” into a “69” next


I better see a top mount soon!

@sugandese finna be angy


What is up with the wheels future man?


The wheels are pretty epic!

Combined with the suspension, they give you the road feel of thane, but just slightly muted so you don’t get the teeth chattering feeling at every little bump. So you can still feel everything, just not in your bones :rofl:

The width, square lips and duro of the wheels makes them feel like the board is on tracks on the road. It feels like they kind of just pull themselves straight, they feel super planted and stable.

They are slightly on the heavy side, and thirsty for juice, but the ride feel is worth it! They’re super confidence inspiring.


Any efficiency numbers yet?


26wh/km slow cruise
30wh/km fast cruise

If i had to guess, i’d be somewhere around 35wh/km sending

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with all your 3dp shenanigans I’m surprised you didn’t just print some tpu footholds or somethin

would probably look better :smiling_face_with_tear::sweat_smile:


Maybe that’s next


That would be too nice.


Foam took 10mins, 3dp design and print would be more like 10hrs… it’s definitely within my scope ability wise, but I’m not sure I have the motivation when the foam performs pretty damn well from a practical perspective…

As I said in another chat, this may come as a surprise, but I couldn’t give a fuck what it looks like as long as it works :sweat_smile:

We’ll see. If i get bored down the track, i’ll definitely look at prettying it up.


The advantages are more than just looks I’d imagine that TPU would last longer than this foam

But you know that already

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Im just a little under those numbers but to be fair, I have both trust and skill issues :laughing:

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I just chuckled thinking of @Tony_Stark coming and taking it back at the end of the day and saying. April Fools!

if you do do this @Tony_Stark bring it to me at esk8con. :slight_smile:


More like take it back to save it from Alan😂


Aye, but you’re probably on 16T motor pulleys?
I got 18

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You knew the fate of #09 the day I paid the deposit. It was inevitable.


And the fox said “why did you sting me, now we are both dead” and the scorpion said “because im a scorpion”


I would like to see more of this in future mods