All Wheels Kegel core hub

Directory of all Kegel core wheels.

I’ll make this a wiki so we can discuss below.


Ahmyo Akashas. The shit dreams are made of.

There are two different types, the FR (freeride) which are centreset and work well with pulleys.

There is also the DH (downhill) which is an inset wheel that probably wouldn’t work with pulleys if you kept the writing to the outside, but may work with pulleys if you flip them around.


Anshul InfinityHubs

Janux Quattro Hubs

All Boas (80-100mm)

That’s everything I know of available for Kegel.


One thing to note is that swapping pulleys and bearings is a pain. Pulleys and bearings fit super tight. I needed a hammer to swap bearings and to remove my Dickyho pulley (which is not the tightest fitting kegel pulley on the market!).

DO NOT USE THESE WITH BEARINGS THAT HAVE AN INTEGRATED SPACER. You will never get those bearings out of these wheels.

This issue may or may not exist for other metal core wheels as well. Generally speaking, it might be better to go for plastic cores if you regularly swap out metal pulleys or go through bearings fast.

With that said, with a capable battery these wheels are awesome! I am a little worried about long-term wear with these on the drive wheels though.


You can DIY or buy a tool that expands in the middle of bearing race and then you can extract them.

All metal kegel cores suffer from this. BN-m1 drives kegel pins, at least mine, are small enough that it isn’t so bad. But the bearing problem is serious. I have to hammer mine in and out on my metal core wheels. Integrated spacers are an extra pain, so I don’t use them, but I have successfully gotten them out before. They weren’t intact afterwards, but I got them out.

Kegel core wheels that haven’t been mentioned:

Infinity hubs: decent, but don’t fit all kegel setups.

Flash 125 airless: unobtanium but most excellent wheels I’ve ever ridden

Hyperdrive 100mm: slippery when wet, otherwise great

Boosted 105//verreal mad wheels: they’re the same thing in different colors. Heard nothing but love but haven’t ridden em.

Hollow wheels: will show up eventually. High hopes.

Don’t know if they still exist but moon had some kegel hubs at one point.

There’s another kegel cored pneumatic hub but I can’t remember it. I think @PedroMcJimenez knows.


I think you’re thinking of the Janux Quattro hubs which I’ve linked.

Nahh issa relatively new one. I coulda swore they were by superbeast but I didn’t see em on their site.

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All i can think of is @Bavioze hubs, whuch the infinity hubs are based off iirc

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Huh I wonder who linked the ones I saw. Coulda swore it was you lol. Oh welllll.

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This is my next build promise :joy:



oh baby I need a set, those look pretty

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I’m running Onsra wheels with Boardnamics pullies:

They didn’t really fit together.
They went in half way and then bumped against something inside the holes.
Mold seam maybe?
I wound up hammering them on until some thread was showing and then cranking down the bolt to seat them the rest of the way. I worried I was destroying the bearings but so far so good.
I don’t look forward to separating them when these Onsras wear out tho.

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I need to use 2 prybars for my eovan wheels. Just par for the course with rubber airless I guess.

oh they might actually be Eovan wheels… I bought them from another guy so not sure.

Metal core?


the eovan and onsra 105 airless rubber wheels are exactly the same, they come from the same factory

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Yeah. Metal cores are a pain. Plus side of airless rubber is they’re usually beefy enough to tap on and off with a hammer. Bearings, I just run em the they get crunchy. They often break on removal. But you get a free spacer for each one if you save the inner race.


Completely incorrect.

Eovan wheels are 105mm and have a different hole pattern in the rubber, different tread and have an embossed eovan logo

Onsra are 115mm and do not have the eovan embossed logo, in addition to the rest of the differences.

Not sure if they’re made in the same factory but they are definitely not identical wheels in any way.

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