Airline compliance and NESE

Ok, I travel a lot and am looking for a way to travel with an eskate with a 12s4p battery.
I know by itself it’s waay over the 160wh limit, but if I were to use NESE modules and break the battery down into (6) 2s4p pieces, I’m thinking it would be good to go?
(1) 2s4p with (8) Samsung 30q batteries should equal 86wh. 8 x 10.8wh = 86.4wh. Legally you can carry unlimited amount of batteries under 99wh. I think this may solve our travel problem. Now we just need a tray or holder on the board so we can just pop out the modules… anyone considered designing a tray for the NESE modules?

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I don’t think it’s unlimited.

Depending on your airline an country, they may allow only one battery under 99wh.

edit: What @esk8 said

Guys, I work at an airport… here are the rules.


Well that’s interesting. Do you have a 3d printer to print a tray?

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Within your chart states limited to 2 spare batteries per person…

That’s for batteries that are over 99wh. There are no limits for under 99wh


So I guess it depends on the airport…you might leave from your place, but not certain to come back with them…

Santino, why do you say that? These are federal regulations.

As long as you have the positive and negative insulated. You can quote these federal regulations all you want. Why so much static from you guys? Im trying to solve a real problem for us and travel regulations.


Argentina flights are under federal laws…But if they think something it is a threat, I think they will take it away from you…I read about a person who fled arrayed the word with spares, he just putted them with a big camera and could do it…Another guy was camping to Argentina from San Diego, they took his battery packs…So you might be wright…but if they doubt…they may take it…

Im talking about domestic travel within the United States.

His flight was domestic to Dallas, then Buenos Aires…

Nothing personal just I don’t think it is realistic nor safe to carry that many batteries.

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But you could be right and do it…I just do not trust a guy with enforcement enough to take your batteries just because you look suspicious…this it is not a paranoid state, I saw that happened many times

I mean before the hover board fires there where no restrictions and I can’t find any cases of DIY batteries catching fire.

As far as single cells go they’re below the maximum wh and there is no limit on them. If you are transporting them properly insulated and not in checked baggage you’ll be fine.

I mean I just recently flew with a vape with half a dozen 18650’s just in a case and they didn’t give a fuck, they where more sketched out by the shape of my vape than the solid bricks of batteries. (half a dozen 18650’s and 2 battery banks is over the wh limit all connected but because they aren’t it’s fine).

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I have banged my head against the wall for months to find a proper travel solution and ultimately ended up with using LIPOs. This is my 10s 5ah setup with a BMS which can be disconnected for travel. No wire on the lipos has been modified. Each battery is 92.5wh totalling 185wh for both.


Mutantbass, thank you for adding something to this thread. We need more options for travelers that want range


Yup as ass backwards as it seems lipo is the easier way to go traveling with, as everything is labeled and looks like an off the shelf product.


The best solution I have seen for this problem are single 10s1p packs of 25Rs, which are 90wh each.
Connect them in parallel and you are set. :slight_smile:
Of course you will need at least four of them to manage voltage sag.

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