Aftermath after getting hit by a car

I was going through a crosswalk and a car turned into my lane. I thought that he saw me. Turns out he didn’t. I managed to slow down and turn just enough to avoid a slamming right into him at 25mph. But I did glance off the side of the car. Injuries are pretty minor. mostly my left knee, I am regular so that’s likely what hit the car first.

The remains of my Obsidian build. I bounced off the right side of the car but the front of my board got ran over.


Not as bad as I originally thought. The deck, front truck assembly and enclosure are beyond fixing.
I lost a shreadlight and didn’t notice it until I got back home.

the power button seems to be the only electronic component that was damaged at all. The wires got ripped out when the enclosure got damaged.

Battery seems has no clear signs of damage to the heatstrink. the foam that placed around it seemed to help a lot. It still has a voltage.

I was using this helmet and this armored hoodie.

I remember reading somewhere that these types of helmets should be discarded after any sort of impact even if it isn’t cracked(its not). I am likely just going to buy a new one anyway just because the light is falling out.

What do you guys think? I am worried about plugging everything back in and having something short. Even thought it looks likely I only need a new front truck assembly and deck.


Might be worth inspecting the battery (unshrinking)


If you aren’t experienced with batteries, I recommend asking someone to do it with you. Either in person or through the forum. It has to be thoroughly inspected because at this moment, it’s a bomb.


I recommend a verrrrry close examination of every cell in the pack before using that pack.

First check every cell to see if any are warm (indicating an internal or external soft short-circuit or damaged electronics). If any are then bring the pack outside and leave it on something non-flammable, away from children and pets, until you decide how to proceed.

If no cells are warm then measure the pack voltage. Then remeasure it again at least one day later. If should not have dropped more than millivolts, if even that much. If the voltage has dropped that can indicate damaged cells or damaged electronics.

If the pack seems okay after this then you can proceed with a cell by cell physical examination. If that all looks good then the pack could be okay, no guarantee though, and you can hook it up…outside. Assume the worst.

Use your best judgement. None of us can know what you are seeing so we’re not really able to advise you. Go slow and take extra precautions (glasses at least).


Thanks for the writeup on how to proceed. I’m still alittle shaky since the incident only happened a few hours ago so I think I’ll look into unsrinking it tomorrow. At the moment I am just storing it on top of a silicone mat that I use for soldering. I live in a 5 story apartment so storing it outside isn’t an option for me.


Were you able to get the drivers info and insurance? Or was it a hit and run? Yeah that battery doesn’t seem like something I would feel safe using, after seeing what the rest of the board looks like.


Possible Bara could check it out? He’d be the best to know if something is out of place in the battery’s layout or welds since he made it :grin:



Yeah the driver got out to check and then droved me home. Does insurance even cover something like this? technically electric skateboards aren’t even legal in nyc.


Yes, insurance covers this.


Peds are always in the right, so I think you’ll be good. But pls take into consideration when you choose to ride on the sidewalk next… Most drivers aren’t expecting things going 20mph+ on the sidewalk/into the cross walk they are turning into. I drive very little, and I’ve had a few close calls with scooters zooming towards me, over a hill where I’m turning left on a one-way to a one-way, and I can’t even see them before I start my turn, then they come up and have to either slam on the brakes or swerve around me.


I always assume every car is trying to kill me until proven otherwise.

That’s after being hit by a car that ran a stop sign in 2017


My path is the blue arrow. The collision happened because the car that was turning didn’t see me even tho I was in the middle of the street. He was sitting still waiting for the chance to turn and I had no idea if/when he would move.


I have always had that mentality. But the guy that hit me wasn’t originally moving it was just sitting there so I had no way of knowing whether or not he saw me. usually if someone is moving then I at least can estimate what I need to do to avoid a collision.


if you want to live long, assume you are invisible… car people expect cars, trucks and the like, even if their eyes see you their brains don’t compute a tiny human being sized object flying by at speed… plus they simply don’t care

this is coming from a long time motorcycle rider


I can’t add anything else because @kook summed it up perfectly

do that


Y’all should watch Premium Rush

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If there’s anything I’ve learned from riding on the road it’s that even the dumbest of dumbfucks can get a driving licence.

One time at night, a driver coming from the oposite way turned on his high beams to try and blind me and started to turn towards me (to the wrong side of the road). I really wish I had a big rock in my hand that time…


Hello @SpeedDemon so glad you’re okay…

That pack is potentially hazardous and I can’t have you ship it. Shoot me a pm, for your troubles I would be happy to get a new pack over to you at landed cost.


Whoa what’s going on here. @kook gave good advice? :thinking:


Now that’s a vendor with integrity and solid customer service.