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A Slight Adjustment In Policy

First of all, let me thank you all for being an amazing group of people with a metric fuckton of awesome to offer the esk8 community. Most of you have been in the community long enough to see it grow substantially with more noobs showing up every day with the same lust for speed and torque and beautiful builds we all had in the beginning and still have today.

So with that being said, I just want to announce a small shift in policy that will hopefully bring even more noobs with more lust for beautiful boards into our humble community of 1350+ people, as well as bring us all a little closer together and hopefully make it easier to find meaningful information, as well as encourage the generation of more meaningful information.

From now on, moderation will be a little more aggressive in the public areas. When I say public areas, i’m talking about the areas not already designated as level lounges or fight categories. Those areas will remain unruly and stupid so that the people who would complain about more aggressive moderation will have somewhere to do so unhampered by our mods. It will also allow me to talk about your mom, which is very important work that I do for the community.

In the public areas, which are not level lounges or otherwise designated wildling grounds, we will be more aggressively zapping people’s posts that are off topic or malignant.

we will be more aggressively flagging posts that are off topic in all public threads, and deleting posts that are malignant. If a thread derails into personal attacks, the posts of the people getting personal and stupid will be deleted. If a person or people go off topic, those posts will be flagged.

We encourage the original posters of threads to actively flag off topic banter if they wish to have a clean thread.

Vendor complaint threads are allowed as long as they stay civil. However, I do not want to see personal transactional information in the public view. That shit needs to go to PMs. They are also subject to staying on topic and staying civil. However I feel as though it is important to discuss vendor issues civilly in public when they can affect everyone. For example, if somebody releases a product that doesn’t work, we should all know about it and allow the vendor to defend themselves in a civil manner.

So, to summarize what will happen in non-level lounge threads and threads not in categories designated for wilding:

  1. off topic posts and conversations will be flagged
  2. personal attacks or otherwise malignant posts and conversations will be deleted
  3. Vendor complaint threads that devolve into or start out as transactional arguments involving the posting of email or chat conversation screen shots, receipts, personal information, or malignancy will be asked to go to PM and will be deleted from public view.

Thank you all for bearing with us while we make something wonderful happen.


awesome! completely agree as topics seem to always get a bit off topic, which makes it harder to find useful information.

maybe a global reply room for off topic questions should be created. this would work like the “reply to nothing but pictures thread”?


Most of the time questions like that will be moved to the noob questions thread. Even if the person posting isn’t a noob, it’s often a good place to get things answered.

@longhairedboy great post! I look forward to this community continuing to grow in a positive way


Welp… There’s goes 90% of my posts. :wink:


Hoping this plays out well :slight_smile: thx @longhairedboy for the public announcement


also i’m not any sort of exception to this so I expect to see my shit flagged now and then because I’ve been one of the worse ones.


This just means the other 10% will be pure golden info :heart_eyes:


9 posts were merged into an existing topic: Welcome to Derail Jail

So should we be actively flagging existing posts in old topics to try and clean them up?

Pretty sure they have been.
My inbox is filling up :laughing::roll_eyes:

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Lol yeah i just noticed the derail jail has a shitload more posts in it :joy:

That would be lovely, thank you.


@longhairedboy should I make a new thread called “random derails of the past” ? The derails dont give proper info requested but they do give people an idea of members’ personalities and attitudes. Would be kinda sad to lose those affinities because they were off topic


@Flasher My topics were staying clean of derail all the time.:grin:
It is really hard to stay on-topic, as you get involved further into conversations. You all know what I mean.

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Sounds good. No annoying stuff where no one wants it, but we’re still keeping a corner specifically for it. :relaxed::relaxed:

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I’m not against the idea, and i agree that a lot of personality info will get lost once the mopping has been going on for a while.


Maybe the thread owner should be contacted prior to the removal of posts because they might actually help the thread owner even if it doesn’t look like it…

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If you plan to restrict vendor reporting in this manner, then to prevent the site becoming a “cesspool“ of unscrupulous and unprincipled salesmen, can a reasonable policy be implemented such that when a forum member/customer privately alleges to the moderation staff that a member/vendor has unfulfilled ESK8 related transactional obligations, whether or not the transaction was conducted via the site, and upon investigation the moderation staff determines the vendor has no legitimate excuse for their un-fulfilled obligations, and no reasonable timetable for fulfilling such obligations, that the member/vendor be prohibited from having sales threads and also prohibited from participating in sales related discussions with other members until such time they can prove that they have fulfilled the previously unfulfilled obligations. Without a method of reporting unscrupulous vendors, and then preventing them from making further questionable transactions, the membership here will surely suffer. My 2 cents.


I think I know where this is coming from, so let me weigh in.

Unless I’m wrong (please correct me if this is the case), this is in regards to the ongoing situation with Hummie.
I believe you took some professional photos for him and he was supposed to help you build a board in return, but it fell apart somehow and both of you are upset.

Since this happened between you guys privately and no services were offered/purchased on, it has nothing to do with the forum. We can’t get involved in esk8 deals that take place elsewhere any more than we can help with co-worker disputes over who ate who’s yogurt out the the workplace fridge.

I hope you guys can work it out where it started, which is outside the forum.


I wasn’t referring to that it’s a hypothetical… suppose a vendor doesn’t ship and then keeps making sales