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A Slight Adjustment In Policy

That’s why I thought you were referring to Hummie. Apologies for my mistake.


If we get enough complaints about a vendor from enough people we’d probably start asking questions. Where it would go from there would be on a case by case basis I have to assume. However, we’re not going to conduct a bunch of investigations. We have lives. Don’t forget: you can flag somebody until they’re essentially dead on the forum.

Also I want to clarify again that threads holding vendors accountable are allowed in public. They simply have to stay civil and not expose confidential information such as private emails, private transcripts, transactional information, etc. If they do they’ll need to go to private messages.

“These parts are garbage, and this company’s service is terrible. Here’s why.” is fine as long as it sticks to the above.


Also I don’t care how many people you invite to those private messages.


Love this! Happy to help.

Small but potentially impactful suggestion:

  • Make the first post more of a summary/tldr post once the thread grows longer than like 20 posts, so that the most important up to date info is at the start and not 150 comments down. The initiator of the thread could be the responsible to do so.

This would support the general goal of this policy change to make information easier to find.


If NBC can publish a transcript of Giuliani’s butt dial to their reporter, how then does it serve the community to limit free speech & punish whistleblowers for sharing the evidence of their victimization? This policy fosters a supportive environment for vendors to potentially take advantage of members here with little accountability for their actions.

Like i said, if you can keep it civil and informative, i want it here. The rest of the quote:

Feel free to hold a vendor accountable, but if you do it in public, keep it civil. Otherwise invite 200 of your closest friends and tear into them privately with all the drama and screen shots and personal attacks you want.

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There’s two sides to this coin and the new policies are here to stop the other side.

A person has little to lose really if they shout loads of tarp out on the forum and are incorrect. Perhaps some judgement from other users. A vendor however with negative reviews that are perhaps unjust has way more to lose.

The issue is that people are people and everyone has their own idea of what is fair and what isn’t. Some people get very touchy over small vendor inconsistencies and make a big noise, these are the ones the policies aim to limit, not real problems. Compound the above with longer lead times for vendors building things in thier garages to service the community in thier spare time, general buyers remorse in this landmine hobby (Shoutouts to my man B) and the huge range of ages and maturities represented here.

As long as the complaints and concerns are publicly cordial it wont take long for people to form a picture of how a vendor operates.


I’ve noticed this the last couple of days. I like it.

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