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An Evasive icon: The ESCape

Neither Ben, nor the Layer got response! We didn’t expect it anyways. Was more for documentation in case this thing goes on.


Unity on Amazon


I can’t imagine that you will get that ESC in any future and the guy who coded the software is not working for Enertion any longer. Hardware and software go hand in hand.
To keep up the software support the developer would need substantial financial backing.

You are going to the worst part of Hades.


Thanks for sharing this.

Looks like my assumption was incorrect.

It’s also worth noting that based on timing, it looks like they did in fact comply after the letter from the lawyer, yeah?

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Jeff said that he will always support it.

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To @Deodand’s credit, I don’t believe he’s been employed there for a good while now and continues to provide tech support daily + firmware/UI updates.

He said he would and has stood by that. Deserves credit & recognition.


Good to know for the customers. However, it is a burden.

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Public pressure doesn’t work in this case. If it would have worked it would have saved plenty of $$$$
Jeffrey was not willing to play it unfair, so I guess that he made it happen for the community. Heads up for that!


So is just like VESC project.


There are maybe 1000 Unities on the market. Maintaining the software for a low number of devices is a different thing. VESC-Tool compatible devices exist in a different number and there are developers around sending pull requests and actually working with the code base.

You love it, you’re a bad little girl

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Torqueboards soon to be released vesc 6 clone. Meets all of the above. And will be cheaper. The ESCape was way cheaper too. Blah blah, yeah it was a group buy and shit, but was way cheaper than a vesc6. So Trampa comes in claiming it was because he sold it too cheap that he disappeared, in a sad attempt to justify vesc6 price. But he gets called on his bullshit and Frank quickly changes his tune, moves the goalposts, and admits he harassed stewii with fucking external design bullshit. As if an ESC can’t be a fucking rectangle. Oh no, the wires and jst plugs are all on the same place!

You know what a company with an overpriced product that is easily replicated does? They resort to lawsuits to destroy competition so they can maintain their inflated prices. Someone brought up the example of Josef Prusa. He open sourced his 3d printer and there are million clones out there. But instead of wasting his time with lawsuits he fucking innovates so much the clones can’t keep up and he’s making more money than he ever would have with a million C&D letters.


Software R&D?
Only 60 days warranty!


Jeff got a sense of humour I see :grin:


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