A BUSTIN BEGINNER’S BUILD | Sportster Street Board

I’ll be the first to board the truth train and admit, this build is B-A-S-I-C. There’s so much talent and ingenuity on this forum that I doubt this will register on anyone’s Richter scale. Cue “Nothing Special” by Local H.

However, my goal wasn’t to obtain “builder of the year.” I set out to test my overall ability. I wanted a board that was safe, reliable, and of course fun. In doing so, I was able to fine tune previous skills while simultaneously collecting new ones.

A year ago I knew absolutely nothing about esk8. My idea of skating included a casual cruise/carve session from time-to-time. Yet, due to a recent foot injury, I could no longer kick/push my board. As a result, I had to either stop skating or find an alternative method. Researching Onewheel lead me to this community. Speaking of the community, thank you to all who have shared their trials and tribulations as well as their failures and successes. Without the shared knowledge, there’s no way I would have been able to start my build, let alone, complete it.

This DIY build, is geared towards the beginner - like me. Yes, it can be done. Should it be done? That’s a question that only you can answer. In addition to the massive amount of time and money involved, you absolutely have to have patience. It was my main ingredient. Here’s the rest of the recipe:

Bustin Sportster 35” (E)Core (ordered w/out griptape directly from Bustin Boards Co.)
Eboosted Sportster 35” MKII Enclosure w/ Gasket
E-Z LOK M4 Inserts w/ JB Weld Epoxy (EZ-400-M4-CR)
M4 Countersunk Washers
Jessup Griptape
Muirskate Beasto Hardware

Paris V3 500 Jet Black Baseplates
Boardnamics 184mm Precision Hangers
Riptide Backing Frames
Riptide Krank 93A Bushings (Canon/Cone)
Riptide WFB – 96A Pivot Cups

Boardnamics Caliber II Motor Mounts w/Idler Tensioner
Boardnamics Precision Clamps
Boardnamics Kegel Press Fit Wheel Pulley w/ Dragon Endure Bearings (40T)
Boardnamics HTD5M Steel Motor Pulley (14T)
Boardnamics/Flipsky 6354/190KV Motors
D&D HTD5M 325 Belts

Torqueboards 100mm 74A Urethane Wheels
Dragon Built Bearings

10S4P Molicel P26A 18650*
Duck Battery Systems 0.2mm Pure Nickel 4P 18650 P-Group Tabs*
*Spot welded with K-Weld powered by one, Turnigy Graphene 5.0

Unity Focbox
Daly 10S 42V BMS (charge only)
Hoyt St. Receiver (3D printed receiver case from Lacroix Boards)
Hoyt St. Nylon Puck

So far the board has been a lot of fun. I’m really happy how it turned out. I’m a larger rider at 215lbs and the board moves me without any issues. I don’t have any recorded stats, but it moves plenty fast for me. I’m looking forward to riding for many, many more miles as I hone my ability. Have a great summer everyone!


Nice clean build!


Nice dude I still need to finish my Sportster build. Those cable holes out of the enclosure are clean, what did you use there? Are the connections to the P groups uncovered? I’d recommend covering it with some fish tape at least, you never know what might fall across the battery causing the connections to touch


Thank you! I really appreciate it!

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I used 1" rubber grommets.

Using a step bit, I drilled a 7/8" hole. I covered the area of the enclosure with painter’s tape to help keep things smooth. Feel free to hit me up if you need some grommets. I have some extra. Best of luck finishing your build.


Also, good eye on the P-groups. They were covered with fish paper and kapton tape before everything was buttoned up. Thanks!


Wtf, this is way too clean and professionally built for a first ever DIY. You have some serious talent! I hope this isn’t your last build, I look forward to what you make in the future! :smiley:


Definitely one of the cleanest and nicest first builds I’ve seen. Well done!


Wow! I really appreciate the compliment. Thank you. As far as future builds, count me in.

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Much appreciated. Again, I owe it to everyone here. Though this was my first build, I had tons of resources to refer to. There is some absolutely amazing talent featured here.

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This shows and has paid off in your build. As other’s have said, very clean build. Excellent job!


Fuck me, this build is cleaner than my wife’s office.


Yeah dude way cleaner


This thing is straight, clean and to the point. Love it. Great work


Many thanks. :pray:

Thank you so much. I have a lot to learn still, but I’m pleased with this first take.

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You should be. It looks like what a lot of production companies wish they could pump out.

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Echo everyone’s comments, super clean build. I love these type of build and always wanted a Bustin sportster… you just restarted the itch :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words. If that itch gets to be too much, flag me down. I have an extra deck that fortunately I didn’t need to use. Take it easy!

Wow that’s textbook, like that’s crazy. What did you use for the cable tie anchor things? Haven’t seen them much before but it could just be because electronics compartments can be really crowded

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