A Better Skatepark Board. 12S1P. OG Focbox. Single Drive.

This is the exact same shit I go through.

My short builds all look somewhat identical from a deck perspective, but they can’t be more different. The subtle deck differences are massive.

I haven’t found a better deck than the two tied for first place

  1. Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade Mike McGill Skull & Snake Series Reissue, Bottlenose shape
  2. Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade OG Bug Reissue

That second one they only made like one batch of them one time only, so you can completely forget about ever finding one. (example: used on the green one) I really like to think that of the ones made, mine is hopefully the most used and beat up of them all, and not hanging on a wall collecting dust.

That first one I now have 3 of and they are so good for riding electric at high speeds in the streets (I don’t optimize for skate park) (example: used on the blue one)

But yeah that McGill deck is the bee’s knees. There are multiple McGill decks though; it has to be that specific one.