63-100 motor groupbuy interest test USA

I am interested in putting together a group buy for some 63mm x 100mm motors from alibaba. They are the same motors alienpowersystems sells, but without the branding.

The price per item would be about $120 or $130 shipped to you. Sensors add an extra $10 per motor and im not sure if the entire order has to have them or not. I am waiting on a response.

Each additional motor will lower the cost of shipping to you.

The motor specs are as follows.


Wire Winds: 7

Max Power: 4400w

Max Amps: 120A

ESC: 200A/250A

Max Volt: 14S

No load current: 1.9A @ 24V

Size: 63 x 100mm

Shaft: 10mm with 3mm keyway

This is not a confirmation of an up an running gb, but i need to gauge interest before anything happens.

Looking for 10 units total to be bought. Claim one in this chat and not over pm yet. Thanks!

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I will take 2 pieces.

Need 8 more to be sold

Maybe talk to APS, they are really open to us DIY Esk8 guys. They may do a group buy for you with better prices.


I will message them and see

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You’ll need to open these up and battle harden them with epoxy, these motors are notorious for magnets flying off and shattering inside the can.


What are the benefits of these longer motors?

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more power.

But 100mm!?!? Wouldn’t you want a bigger stator? Also wouldnt it be hard to do dual motors when they are so long? Ive heard some good things about 6880 but never came across any 63100. How much more powere are we talking about? I saw doods flying on 6374’s. Btw these are real questions. I really dont know the answers


no not really, dual 100mm motors should be preety easy on Matrix 2 trucks

you’ll be surprised how much power it requires to conquer moderate hills on a trail.


So this is more of an etmb torque thing? I ise 6355 and have little trouble on hills. I was under the impression that your battery and gearing are the real factors when it comes to high speed and torque. Im guessing temperature is less of an issue as you go bigger as well. Im 215 and the 6355 get me 35 on pneumatics, im scared to think how much faster i could go with motors twice as long


6355’s have no trouble on hills untill they warm up and thats where bigger motors shine.

motor size does not determine top speed, KV does, but there comes a point where the motor may not have enough torque to get you up to top speed

I use Maytech 6365 190kv and they are extremely torquey, I wonder if you guys have used smaller motors runing big current settings before trying big motors with low current settings.

I would like to second some things.
If the motors the same quality as the APS ist very likely that the magnets will fail probably sooner than later. So a custom battle harden would definitely help but I can imagine it’s a bita to do that with this long slim bell. Removing the shaft might make things more easy.
I don’t know how much people want to do that by there own, so maybe it makes sense to get a gb price from APS better. Yes it might be 20$ more expensive, but as min they offer a customer service and will probably replace the bell if some magnets will shatter.

One point I never understood, how can the 6384 140kV be rated to 80A and a 16mm longer stator with same wires than to 120A? :thinking: if somebody can explain me that i would be very happy. If the numbers right than APS has something wrong on there website as well as they rate the 63100 only for 80A.


@eBoosted what’s for you high motor current settings?

sensors? APS do not have a place for sensors, at least inside…different bell or smaller stator maybe?

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Not sure if you consider this high but I’m runing 120A battery amps on my 12s4p Samsung 30T battery, that’s 60A for each motor and the smaller 6365 are a real beast


I heard that too, but from where this fact is coming? I mean that there is no place for sensors in the aps motors?

read about someone in the forum bought a pair, ge said Bruno told him there is no space for sensors, he was interested in buying with, think he bought it anyway…

To answer one of those questions, the stator of a 6374 is 2.5x longer than one inside a 6355. The end pieces are rather massive.

I think its the same thing with these motors. You need to calculator stator length instead of can length.

it was an answer to which question? sorry didn´t really get it.

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