3d printing requests,

Yeah that makes sense, I think deck shape makes a big difference too, I can’t imagine riding a trampa for that whole trip


I’ve only experimented with temporary solutions…

Slab of rubber/foam/cushionny-material-of-some-sort beneath the outside of rear foot. It seems to help counteract the arch of the deck. For me it was to address a bothered knee (think bow-legged stance standing on an arched deck = stressed knee)… Though it did improve the foot fatigue for me too.

I wanna tinker some more (w/ different materials, thicknesses, shapes, locations) to discover an ergonomic sweet spot. I’m nowhere near imagining an elegant 3D-printed solution. I’m still in redneck, cut stuff with scissors territory. :crazy_face:


That’s the honorary first step!


Off the cuff, what do you think about this?

Heges or Scandypro 3d scan,

Scan deck, shoe sole, stance on deck,

Meshmixer, stitch solid, do some booleans, take the shape of desired foot well,

Print it. I dunno, I’m no Dr Scholls.

I was going to try to make custom freeboard inserts to have stock curve fit my foot perfectly.

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Yeah I love it. The hardest part is the adjustable binding spots on the deck so I was going to try and make a slot method that sits around the binding post. A scanner would make my guesswork much less guessy.

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An iPhone with faceID or any camera and do photogrammetry would make it much less guessy.

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Doesn’t the Kinect still do the scanning natively in the 3D program of windows 10?

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Oh shit, I have one laying around still unless it sold at the garage sale.

Big brain move