3D printed wheel balancing weights holder

There seems to be interest in this project so I’m starting a separate thread. Relevant posts from the 3D printables thread:


I’ll be watching this with great interest…


I’m adding this as a strong contender for the brown5tick 2021 ‘Post-it’ Award for Innovation: a solution to a ubiquitous problem that is super-simple and elegant.

I wonder how long it will be before this concept is built into the hubs themselves? Rockstar III’s anyone?


@MBS :pleading_face:

Seriously tho, this is my favourite esk8 thing i’ve seen this year. Super cool concept. Kudos Jan :pray:


Trampa Megastar actually already have holders for weights built-in.


Rockstar Pro would actually probably be easy since the bolts are not hidden inside the hubs like on the plastic MBS hubs. Also there’s a STEP model available on thingiverse which would help a lot (if it’s accurate).

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I believe that the rockstar pro is a discontinued product… although i hope i am wrong.

Is it? You can still buy them here:

… which obviously does not yet mean they are not discontinued.

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:thinking: they’re completely gone from the Australian site

Edit: we are derailing :sweat_smile:

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Well, well! You live and learn. The Evolve hubs have little counterweights built in as well, which I always thought was a nice touch.

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I printed and tested the latest version with two M5 bolt slots. Thanks @Mobutusan for the idea. It worked well. I was able to get the wheel perfectly balanced using the bolts only. I just need to order some shorter M5 bolts to make it look less ugly. :slight_smile:

weights_holder_v5.stl (291.3 KB)


is there a reason not to just put them inside the tire like the tubes?
This is what I do and well works fine… I see the reason for this but then again It might be extra.

I do like the idea though, and would be nice to see hubs integrate things like this or tire makers just balance the dam tires off the line.

If these are made, Im sure I will buy some. Just to make things easier.


Very cool idea. M4 seems to work for my tires. This one being the most unbalanced taking 4 screws, balancef enough for 40mph.


Did you share the files? I feel like I’m either blind or missing the post :thinking:

This has been on hold for a while due to other priorities. I made some more progress on the design last week but haven’t printed it yet. The latest version only has slots for M5 bolts.

I’m traveling now so I’ll print it when I’m back in the office.

I can share the STL files as well for the current as well as the previous versions in case people want to experiment with it.


I think theres a few of us waiting for this lol.

We’d love you to share it

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So, I made some progress today. But then I looked at @Titoxd1000’s version again:

Isn’t that one a whole lot better design than mine? It looks better and seems way more practical since it’s not in the way for the pulley.


Thanks @janpom

A drawback with the spacer design is you’re relying on the little tabs on the wheel where the bolts go. Think people have been using spacer for awhile though, haven’t heard of any failures. Here is the file, use at your own risk.

Spacers v31 6.5mm.stl (439.1 KB)

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How do you tell if an Esk8 wheel is balanced? Just curious…

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