3D printables for esk8

Printed these 72t pulleys, my belts don’t seem to mesh easily, I can force it if I press and hold and feed the belt around while keeping tension, but I think this would require the belt tension to be too high.

Anyone else have experience with larger pulleys like this?

Here’s the link to the file. 72T Pulley for Trampa clone (sunmate) wheels by ykimhi - Thingiverse

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If using cura try using an experimental slicer setting i think its inclusive or exclusive slicing.


I have a similar issue with the 60T pulley i printed for my Haggy bergmeister wheels. Im just hoping when it’s tensioned it should mesh correctly, and after a few cycles it should wear in nicely.

Its probably down to the print surface finish, which you can improve with lower layer heights and tuning temperature, retraction, speed and acceleration settings. Its likely also due to the profile tolerance from printing (hence why printed holes need to be oversized for accurate fitment)

Box for hoyt reciever

Pretty surprised with it as 100% infill took my bodyweight easily. a layer of epoxy resin was painted on for an extra layer of protection.

Didn’t want to bolt this thru the trucks so i stuck it to the deck with 3M double-sided tape + extra super glue.

I put heat-set threaded inserts for the m3 screws, along with some foam pads to help with sealing up the box. I just drilled out the hole bigger as needed so i can route the cable through it and then sealed with silicone

What is this connector and how do I get it??

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its one of those DXW motor connector that devolve and china board uses


Guessing for probably only fairly low current applications?

haven’t found the datasheet for it so far, but judging by what the current those board uses, its probaly somewhere 50-70a

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Damn I want a set of these, it’s basically the MR69

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Idk man, I think at least in my situation it would take too much tension, I may try a different file found in this thread, or maybe shrink my print 2% or something. Sucks because I printed them 100% infill and two of them took forever.

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100% infill is almost certainly your reason why. During printing, the void where infill goes provides space for excess flow from the walls to enter, preventing over extrusion and defects. Sounds like youve caught a bad case of over extrusion

Not the fabled MR69 but this is a 20A version from Amass.

NZ$ 15.21 | 4PCS Amass ICM150S17PB High Current Power Battery Plug Male Female Bullet Connector 20A Parts DIY for RC Aircraft Drone


I’ve considered these, but they have no terminal isolation, no strain relief and no locking mechanism besides friction.

they are for pcb use, no cup for the wire to solder on. these has been considered before, its just too low power for our usecase


Yo these are awesome, working really nice. The dimensions are also spot not, making a nice press fit. No silicone needed. Thanks for making these, I was always to lazy to come up with something myself. :grin:


Slightly wrong size, either too small or too big. There’s no way around it really.

Also, 100% infill is not necessary. 80% gyroid infill with 5 walls is perfectly fine for pulleys, I’ve run hundreds of miles on settings like that


Flashlight Holder.3mf (21.9 KB)


Is there a case for an llt bms out there?

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I’ve made one before, but it depends which model you have whether it will work or not… is it already installed?

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Dunno if you remember but it’s the same as that one you put in that has to sit on top of the ESC. Only thing I could really do was isolate it with some of that adhesive foam but itd be nice to neaten it all up a bit