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3D Print needed

Hey Guys,

Need help getting a fill printed… a lot of print shops are trying to tax for it… Wondering for help?

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Where are you located? What are you trying to do? I owe the community a print or two from back in the day when @dani printed me remote parts after I broke mine in Hawaii. I don’t even think he asked for any monies.


Minnesota, a Dighny Enclosure that someone sent me the file to. I can send that to you. The guy who sent it told me he’d do it for $100 if he was going to print it by he’s busy not. dingy enclosure.STL (178.2 KB)


You can also try posting here… I haven’t taken a look at the stl yet as I’m not home, but I may be able to help in black PETG if it fits on an ender 3. I’m located in MA


Off topic but I got kind of confused and thought you wanted an enclosure for one of these and thought $100 was a bargain for a print that size

Is it just coincidence that it’s called a dinghy enclosure or is it named after the boat or what?

Lol a Landyacht Dighny Cruiser board… Quiet smol…

Hahahahaha yeah OK that makes a lot more sense

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So I just checked out the .STL, sadly this is too big for my ender 3 man :frowning:

Can you break it into 2pieces?

Otherwise I know if anybody have a C10 with a 300x300x400 build plate is what someone in the forum used

You need someone with a bigger printer, or be prepared to glue 2 halves together

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As somebody who prints a lot of boxes and enclosures but is nowhere close to you I would highly suggest printing it as two halves, weld them together

Otherwise you need stupid amounts of infill

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Thank you sir lol where no where close :rofl::rofl:

here is a split into 3 parts.

Im printing it in PETG. Im new to PETG, so wish me luck. see ya in 16 hours.


To be honest, the time spent cutting up interlocking mesh files instead of original CAD files, the cost of half a roll of PETG (10$), I think $100 is reasonable for a print on demand service.

It’s no skin of my back, happy to give back. if I can pull off an intermediate difficulty (‘cause I had to make an interlocking part from a mesh) print-on-demand job, on a new material to me, and it’s acceptable on my very first try, then I’d award myself a level up from 3d printer white belt to green belt.

What say you @Venom121212 ? I’ll post results in 11hrs. (P.s. it’s a 0.6 nozzle with layer settings that I did by guesstimate)


I’d bump that flow up to make sure the wall lines are touching nicely and not gapping at all. Turn speed down if you need it.

Petg is annoying to deal with until you get a good profile made so if you have it looking that good already, I’m very impressed.


Gracias. I’m at 80% travel atm. That 70mm/sec (and that was only for infill) caused extruder skips.

The infill and wall lines was concerning too. It’s corrected now.

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Thank you all for being amazing! Print shops were trying to go about 220 to 250 for this…


Show us the results!


That shit kills me. 6 years ago, a bar/maker space opened up near me called proto build bar. I went up there for a beer and a look and was impressed. Soldering stations everywhere and lots of 3d printers. I had one piece made and it was $90 bucks. I