🌊 3.75 inch InfinityHubs

InfinityHubs 2020 (vote below)

These new hubs seek to fill the need for a competitive, 3.75 inch, aluminum wheel. Following the same design philosophy as my heatsinks, InfinityHubs are designed for maximum adaptability and versatility.

Supports trampa, evolve, TB, metro board, etc.

No support for 6x2 or bergs

We originally wanted to do five spokes, however we had to switch to six to allow for berg mounting. The kegel pattern allows you to use the new BN 44t pulleys, DDs, and gear drives. The berg mounting allows for other pulleys and gears with berg adapters. We also have special mounting points for our own pulleys, I think we will do a 55t and a 72t (speed demons can use BN 44s). You can use either 22 or 28 bearings (22mm required for usage of the kegel core)

72t Pulley

55t Pulley

Bearing adapter

I forgot to allow multiple choices, so if you select pulleys, I will just assume one set. Sorry :grimacing:, kinda makes the gauging a bit more difficult. I guess you can just comment β€œI selected 3 sets, but also want pulleys” or somethin.

Interest (select all that apply to you)
  • One set
  • Two sets
  • 3+ sets
  • 55t Pulleys
  • 72t Pulleys
  • NOT INTERESTED :frowning:

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Pricing info will be out soon. Still making some tweaks and stuff. In terms of colors, we can do a few. @jjsessa and I were thinking Red, Black, Gold, and maybe some Raw, kinda got iron man vibes goin. We are open to other colors instead, 3 is already a lot. I would love to get all of my products in orange, but no one would get them then :cry:

Thank you for the amazing community and for helping make cool projects like this happen :smiley:


Looks cool. Just for reference, can you call out some examples of compatible tires? Berg tires? Clevers? Which ones

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I think they fit all standard trampa size tyres / MBS etc. But not bergs or clevers, that’s the other rims @LuuktH is working on!


Right okay I see

I have bergs rims already that’s why I asked

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Holy shit these look like te37s

These would look hot asf in purple


Nevermind I’m invested in mbs hub pattern at this point

That’s one good looking wheel!

This was my reference photo:


Poll not setup for multiple choices, so can choose which pulley and number of sets.


Looks cool! I like the versatility. How is the bearing adapter locked in?

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Lowrider style longboard in

Matte black trucks with hints of purple on the board​:hot_face::drooling_face:
OOR a Joker style board that’d be hella badass

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Ugh really. I thought I selected multiple choices. Sorry :cry:

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Prototype wheel printed and ready for testing!


Thanks man! Being pressed up against the wheel and truck holds the adapter in, and then the kegel pattern keeps the truck side one from rotating.

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This should help make some more sense, axle bolt pulls locks together. If you don’t like the fact that the font adaptor COULD rotate (fit will be made in such a way that it doesn’t spin freely) then you can always use a 28OD 8ID bearing on the front.


Prototype numero uno


Are 4" hubs on your radar? Maybe some nice 4" by 3" with both mbs and Trampa mounting holes :heart:

Pulley :tada::tada:


Will these hubs be β€˜stretched’ at all vs a standard 3.75" hub? @surfnacho


How far out are these out?
Also did you decide on a final price?


Hoping 4-5 week timeline.

Price is $250 but you can use the black friday discount to save 20%

Pulleys are $100 (20% also applies to em)

I will make a post very soon with All of the details.