200x75 Phatty tires

Hi everyone.

I want to introduce to you the 200 x 75 mm Phatty tires.

I’ve been testing and having fun with this for a while now and will be selling this HERE.

This tires grip the road like glue and makes all the crappy roads feel smooth also behave way more stable at high speed.

Since @DerelictRobot wanted some Phatty for his LOVE CHILD I’ve design an Aluminum 7075-T6 hub fully compatible with his drive train.

This HellCat hubs are paired with 2 Double row angular contact bearings to give the best performance and reliability.

Also are equipped with my HANDSHAKE bracing system to provide extra rigidity like no other hub.

The system is fully compatible with the MBS.COM Matrix II truck system and 12.00 mm axle.
Also this can be install on any system currently using the MBS Rockstar II Hub without any modification to the system, just take off the tire you have now and pop this one in, that easy :slight_smile:

Since we are on the MBS.COM Rockstar 2 hubs, I have made and high performance option for it.

It is compatible with any system currently using the Rockstar 2 hub.
Using 2 Double row angular contact bearings for the same safety reasons.

And the HANDSHAKE bracing system to provide extra rigidity.

This are available for preorder on this links below, will only make a limited quantity of this hubs.

HellCat wide 200 x 75
HellCat 200 x 50

Hope you guys like it and any comments let me know here.

The tires and hubs will be coming in 6 weeks at the latest.


These BBTs look sick. How much of a hit has range taken in your testing?


Oh my gosh it is because I’m pretty.



Not that much
Normally get 23 miles on the XL2.0 on 200x50 and with this I got 18.6 miles.


Hell yeah Baby bay :wink:


God damnit this is gonna be my first real set of pneumies, isn’t it? :thinking:


From all my rides with this
The best is the stability over the shitty pavement and the grip. No matter what you ride this thing will make it better.


@Kaly I have stretched hubs and they have 60mm of usable space… Does this mean incompatible? I might be super stupid right now though…

The product description is a work of art :kissing: :ok_hand:

oh love the name too. My friends will love this I need a set.


Good looking stuff man!

What’s the bearing to bearing outer distance? This might work with @moon’s gears on matrix 2s :thinking:

Who was running these tires on fivestars?


Yeah wanted to also know the



This fit the matrix 2 perfectly.
The bearing to bearing distance are identical also the screws position diameter is the same

@DEEIF I don’t get that, can you explain?


My Hubs have 60mm from inside flange to inside flange of usable space for a tire to sit. Will the 200x75 work on my hubs or am I just stupid?

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It will work.

Only thing is the tire will bulge a bit, if your pulley have the space it will work if not you will need longer screws


Alrighty! Ill check some stuff but I think im gonna order a set!

The bulge is around 5 mm, check if you have clearance


I definitely will! I just have to make sure I can make my gear drive stick out more…

Thats good, it would be even better if they had the same spacing as Trampa since MBS axles are too short :joy:


hey @Kaly are the bearing seats on hellcat/hellcatwide the same size as the bearings seats on the bx-one? asking because that means we can buy the spare bx-one bearing set, swap out the bearings on hellcats, then use the hellcats on 10mm surf rodz axles. wachuthink?

will the hellcats be manufactured in the united states? will they come with any engraving or inscription like your bx-one hubs do?


The HellCat are for 12 mm axle, different from the BX hub.

Will not have any markings.