๐Ÿ”‹ 18650.Club (& 21700) Battery Making Supplies & Custom Packs

Hey Guys!
I am excited to finally bring out my new shop, 18650 Club
We will primarily be supplying 18650 pack building materials, but I will also offer a custom pack service.
The battery materials ship worldwide and the pack service is for the EU.
Currently, weโ€™re stocking

  • Smart & Discharge BMSs
  • Genuine Nickel
  • Fishpaper (Rings & sheets)
  • Wiring & Connectors (Some are still incoming)
  • Smaller bits like fuses are chargeports

:zap:Battery Building Service :zap:

I also offer a battery building service, primarily to the UK but it is possible to ship to some European countries. I keep P28A and P42A cells on hand, but I can stock more (Primarily stocked from Fogstar, so its dependant on what they have)

Pictures here

We hope to be able to offer raw cells, kweld/sequre welder rental, a complete range of chargers and more in the future. Suggestions are very welcome!


Add some 21700 to the title :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Site looks great!! I suggest getting some 13s-20s Smart BMSs in stock!


how much deposit is charged? a funds hold for the value of the whole kit would make sense actually.

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Buy and return to X% of the value. But I kinda like that itโ€™s hard to start building batteries, keeps some really dangerous builders away


Congrats on your launch!

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Deposit on the value of the welder returned after the rental period minus the rental fee.


Random suggestion: find an image for the chained insulator rings that fit better the fact you donโ€™t have 5p in the options :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nice! Congrats on the new shop!


Barely was able to find one that didnโ€™t also include red text over the image :joy:
5P = 3P + 2P anyway :wink:

The rings are actually so useful though. Makes it very easy to line up the cells, I dont need a cell holder for gluing anymore


Internal shots for my last couple of packs

Wiring and other essentials are soon to be in stock


thereโ€™s something up with your prices for fishpaper

looks like 1m and 5m got mixed up 5 is cheaper than 1


Ah yea thanks so much for pointing that out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


bit of a maths error here
should be 54

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Looking good, all the best!

Is 50mm nickel coming for building with two stacks of 21700s and a tab?

I think youโ€™d probably need a lot wider than 50mm nickel for a full tab on double stacked 21700, and usually you wouldnโ€™t have the tab over the end of a 2 tall pack (Youโ€™d have just 6, 7, 8 cells in a row and DS the next group on top, then tab the end of the next single stacked group to wire over to the next set. Hard to explain but 50mm nickel isnt needed)

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More batteries made grabbed from my Instagram

In other news, all the wiring, connectors and other stuff is finally on its way so I will soon have black xt90, xt60u and some of the more uncommon useful connectors ie QS8 200a anti spark, 8mm bullets and as150s


I am very proud to have completed my largest project ever, a 24S10P P42A Pack for a e-motorbike.
The battery will be used all day, as the bike was designed from the ground up to hold blockbuster movie cameras on it. Its currently on its way to Italy to be used in filming for the next Indiana Jones movie! (The battery also had a hard time limit of 4 days to complete!)

In other news, the first big shipment of products has arrived, meaning I now have substantial stock of
6-20AWG cables
Glue lined heatshrink
3-8mm bullet connectors
QS8, Black XT90/60U, MR60 and other connectors
6-24S Daly BMSs (13, 20 and 24S now being listed and stock shortly)

I will also be getting in all sizes of PVC heat-shrink, epoxy fibreglass board & silicone and other small bits within a month

As a footnote, most of the enclosures I had ordered to test fit batteries have arrived, so I will be able to make a pack for most prebuilt boards to fit exactly.


Congrats on the big chungus battery, thatโ€™s wild! Also very cool to have more stuff available locally(ish)


What is the bike they are using? Is it a gas to electric conversion?