160mm All Terrain Tire Kit TB160

Here it is… Should be available in about 10-15 days. :smiley: :+1:

Buy Here > 160mm All Terrain Tires


@deckoz They should be. I’ll need to double check though.


Suhweet! So, these are 4" hubs, not 3"? And 8" MBS/Trampa tires could fit them?

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I’d like to know this also. Does it have the same bolt placement as superstars? It would allow me to buy these and keep using my wheel pulleys :slight_smile:

Edit: will there be an option to buy without pulleys? 62 is way too much for me (I use 44)

@Mobutusan Yes, 4.25" Hubs. They should be able too. I need to double check. I wanted to use these hubs for a 7" or 8" tire also. That’s why it’s also a 6.3" Tire and not smaller.

@Flasher Most likely does not have same bolt placement. If you wanted another teeth count. We’d have to make another adapter that bolts onto the wheel. Yeah, I’ll look into adding another one without the 62T pulleys.


Damn these look sweet.
Price isn’t terrible.
Can’t wait till i can think about a pneumatic build again. These just might be it.


are the direct drive adapters also available? :slight_smile:

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I don’t know why they cost so… much?

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i mean, they do come with the drive pullys and belts
pretty good value i’d say for an all-in-one kit

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Would also like to know, searched everywhere on the website but couldn’t find it :sob:

@murdomeek @Davi We haven’t fully tested yet with the direct drive but once we do and we’ll release it. Personally, I feel it’s going to lack torque though. IMHO I’d go either belt drive/gear drive which we’ll have an option for both. But I’m pretty sure people will want it anyways. :confused:

They do look nice though :smile: :+1:

@808Chopz Most other AT Kits will be $200-$350 easily. As everyone has already mentioned this includes drive wheel pulleys as well.


Can you tell me more about street direction & offroad direction?

Im guessing these wouldn’t work with heXL because of their standard sized axels?

@XTLA We use street for rain this way the water pushes away from the wheel. When it’s not raining, you can flip the wheel and you’ll get more grip for dirt trails. Only thing to keep in mind is when it is raining, you want the tire in the proper direction.

@yelnats8j You can, you’ll just need another drive wheel adapter that’s a bolt on setup. We can send out a drawing that will fit and/or if there’s a lot of need for it. We could offer one.


Or 4wd :grin:


That is a good price. Just placed an order. Looking forward to see how they ride!!!

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@Pedrodemio We’re testing a larger stator and lower 60KV to see how they perform also. But… this setup is extended about 14mm long (if I remember correctly).


Love the tire tread.

Soooo… what all hubs will it fit?

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Not sure… I designed them to be similar but haven’t tested it yet. When I get a chance I"ll test MBS/Trampa/Evolve Tires + Tubes on each other and see what fits.


Larger you mean also bigger diameter?