Z.mote , new esk8 remote

Also, Kamen kindly shared the model for the brake trigger for the remote as I’m thinking of making it stick out a little bit more so I don’t have to stretch my thumb so far.


So who ordered five of the double triggers? :slight_smile:


Idk but must be why I’m not getting one

Received my zmote today,
I’m impressed, seriously,
that’s one of the fairest priced remote in the game, the finish even though it’s 3D printed is amazing,
the receiver PCB inspire confidence, it arrived fast and well packed, I mean there was even a small hex tool in the pack so you can open it to put the battery, and the wrist strap is fancy as hell.
Not even speaking about Kamen disponibility and that he went out of his way to make it custom colors and pattern.
I’m speechless, I’ll try it as soon as I can.


Congrats! Looks great.

He’s an excellent designer/seller. I have three of these beauties in trigger.


I know it’s been said over and over again but I’d just like to once again mention how incredibly responsive and informative Kamen has always been, you can feel his excitement for the development of esk8 through the screen and it’s absolutely infectious. Huge props to @Zyb for being the exact kind of vendor we need around here.

The new design on the case is awesome too.


Still enjoying mine (running on two cells ripped out of Maytech remotes). I’ve ordered a couple more. Meanwhile, hilariously, I still don’t have any batteries. I ordered 102050s from Amazon back on May 8 (seller is in China). They were supposed to already be here. Could be lost. I also separately ordered 102560s from an Ali seller. Hopefully those will turn up.


What is your location?


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I got one from AliExpress, was pretty fast to my location
I don’t know about the quality though, but no issues so far

All my 102560 (and 102050s) did end up finally turning up. Also, although I was not the one who ordered 5 split triggers before me, in the end I did up getting five with one slated for a build for someone else.

I’m still adjusting a little bit to the split trigger feel but for sure I prefer it by far over any other remote I’ve tried.


Stoked to see it out now, i think you guys really have a winner here :call_me_hand:t2:

I kind of like my thumb-wheel trigger, it’s what i’m used to. But I think i’ll def be ordering this new gadget to exchange the Hoyt Puck on my BoardsOfSweden ride :two_hearts:

Nice going Kamen ! :smiley: :100:


Anyone has a link for the dual trigger remote? Its time i get one to try it out.

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you should probably write the full name of the faulty remote
took the time to read half the way through your post to understand you were not cursing the zmote but talking about another one


Dual trigger…!!

I don’t think there’s a listing, I just pinged him directly through Tindie for one.

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Ahh ok, i’ll do that then.

He responded to me a few mins ago and said he makes them to order now

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you’re absolutely right

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