You got fake decks mate?

Yeah yeah,
I know I know, looking for fake stuff is bad, I’m not supporting the original brand, I should feel bad for even asking this, my peepee is small etc…

Well, I’m looking for a fake landyachtz Evo 39, don’t know if any company with low morale copied their design…
I don’t have the pessos to buy the real stuff, and in Europe everything skateboard related is more expensive, but man how this deck is lurking me, from all those cool build you made, and I still haven’t found a deck that goes well with my AT wheels

I guess it’s goodbye ? never know how to finish a post…


I wouldn’t know about the tribulations of small peepees so I can’t help you there, sorry.
I definitely feel your pain about the fake decks, it’s a struggle. My first two builds used ones I got off eBay, never had a problem with them. I imagine they might not have lasted quite as long as an original but who knows. I’m always upgrading my builds so I disassembled them before I had time to find out.
I think I got it from this seller and he has some landyachtz-ish looking blank decks too. Not quite, but he has a lot of stuff, you might get lucky.

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Ask @BigBen he had something like that for sale

I had one. Gone now. It wasn’t a direct copy. Just similar. The enclosures made for the evo wouldn’t immediately fit.

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You remember where you got it ?

Looks good !
But it’s in the us, the shipping to eu cost more than the board :joy:

Sad that we don’t have the equivalent of skateshred in EU…


It shows shipping free?


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I wish !


I didn’t understand what you meant with the above statement, my bad.


During the great evo shortage of 2018; Remember that? It was bad my friend. No Evos to be had anywhere. I had to sell my soul for a 39. I was happy to do it.
I paid for mine with my soul.
Get the real deal or my sacrifice will be in vain.


I feel that pain! I’m finding most decent clones/blanks all seem to be outside the EU

I have an extra 2012 41” elephant one if anyone is interested…

It’s pretty beat up tho.


could interest me !
willing to sell it for a nice price ?
PM ?

Yeah I just saw that you were in southern california (SoCal is this yes ?), so the shipping might kill the deal

Yeah I saw that one, but the angle is not good for eskate
and it’s 86$ for shipping :cry:

Yeah, I am in California. The shipping gonna be expensive go to EU.

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If you’re located in the EU, maybe something like this will do


it’s nice !

What do you think of the angle ? It’s not too much for stability ?
And it says 9 ply of canadian maple, I can guess it’s stiff right ?

Clarify that statement my friend.