Xenith won't turn on!

Ok, this is just power from the wheels going back to the Xenith. Usually takes a fair big spin to fully start the VESC from the push to start.

What happens if you use the switch?

Nothing,No power at all,however when I got the board home and got it open I tried to power it up and it did briefly before flashing fast then dimmed out slowly.

Unless your using a drill it singing to spin those wheels I don’t think you will be able to start it by hand.

Do you have a multimeter? Are you able to check that the switch still works? Unplug it and check that contact is bring made between the switch pins when the button is pressed.


The two white wires :+1:


I do have a multimeter,I’m looking at the switch,do you mean the pins that connect to the xenith?

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Set the multimeter to check for continuity, unplug the jst from the switch to the unity and hold your probes on the pins of the two white wires.

Push the button. Your meter should tell you if you have continuity when the button is pressed


I have one,which setting is for continuity?


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This setting should give you a continuous tone once the xenith switch is pressed


Thanks @Lee_Wright @glyphiks @ducktaperules
Had to get a helping hand,bit of a fiddly job…So it reads 0.1 briefly then 0

Ok so a quick press does give me a higher reading but any longer than that is 0

Its most likly the built in antispark. Its quite shit.

you can bypass it quite easly and see if it wakes up, but if you’re very uncertain of what you’re doing, just send it for warranty.

How would you bypass it? I’m quite competent and fixing things with instructions on how to but if it voids the warranty prob best not.
Should I just bolt the enclosure back on and try roll start it?

Do you have DC labbsupply?

I get 0.9## on the multimeter but only for a split second

No,what’s that?

A more controlled way of powering electronics then connecting a battery with close to unlimited peakamps

Ah ok,unfortunately not!