Xenith won't turn on!

Hi,Just got my build up and running with the new xenith V2,went for a test run and the board suddenly turned off!
Took it straight home got it open,hit the battery power switch on then the xenith and it started flashing red fast then slowed down and is now not turning on at all?
Can’t see a short,everything is covered,Maybe the switch?
Can’t smell anything burnt or visibly see anything blown!
Anyone know what it could be or experienced this before?

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Some would say antispark is ded.

But I smell there is worse going on here.

Contact @BuildKitBoards
I think you definitely need a replacement

Hopefully not! Didnt even go far or that fast,not as if it was under any stress,I’ve had a drv go years ago and could smell when that went!
Thanks hopefully @BuildKitBoards Can help with this or @ducktaperules @BigBen @Lee_Wright

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Did you buy it through Apex bro?

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No I bought from Jared,thought maybe one of you could help me troubleshoot the problem too

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@MartinSp I know you know your way around a vesc and unity/xenith any idea what it could be?

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@BigBen just suggested to try spinning the wheels and when I do the xenith does light up “while the wheel spins” then dims out?

that means the roll to start is functioning but i don’t know why it would then turn off :thinking:

Also the vx1 will not connect either

Yeah very strange,it just doesnt want to power up otherwise i would be able to connect the vx1 and the light should stay constantly on?

Sounds like @BuildKitBoards is gonna take care of the xenith. Maybe drama and speculation on seperate thread? :joy::rofl:


This was clear from the second this thread got opened in my opinion.


Try not to derail the thread please,then at least when/if we find out the issue I can update it to help others out if they ever experience the same issue.


You alright dude? Sudden turn offs are one of my biggest turn offs.


The turn on didnt last long,she cost a pretty penny too…dammit your making me derail the thread with smut :thinking:

Haha I just mean did it cause you to crash or anything. I like the way you talk though.

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Nah,it was on the test run so I was being cautious!

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@WARMAN usually a red flashing light on vesc Means a fault has occurred.

If the switch circuit has failed I would not expect to see this flashing light, it would either not power up or be stuck on.

Any chance you have a video of what is currently doing?

If it is being cause my some sort of fault it should be possible to connect to the VESC tool and view the fault code that’s preventing the VESC from running.


I only say red as that’s what it looks like through the silicone case,Just peeled it back and I have a little red and blue light flash while spinning the wheel and a green flash on what I think is the bluetooth module? Has BKB written on it?